How do we make the world of work better in 2023?

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In 2023, it is difficult to imagine a workplace where you cannot be given the option to work from home and not have the reliability and convenience of a smart phone to help you work and stay connected. Compared to 50 years ago, these affordances have certainly improved the ways we can work and be productive, but they are not the only way employers and companies can make the world of work better for their employees. In this article we cover seven ways on how we can make the world of work better.

  1. Improving workplace diversity and inclusivity to create a more equitable and supportive environment.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of emphasis on workplace diversity and inclusion which we can expect to continue into 2023. Workplace diversity and inclusion is important because it creates an environment that is inclusive with equitable access to opportunities. It can make employees feel valued and supported and naturally promotes a healthier, happier and more productive workplace.

Chandler Macleod has a number of programs in place to work on our commitment to improve workplace inclusion and diversity.

  • We are proud to be part of WORK180 to recognise our commitment as an employer for all women.

  • Our focus on Indigenous employment and implementation of our Reconciliation Action Plan allows us to grow our connections with our communities.

  • Our Female Employment Program allows us to support women over 45 years of age looking to start, or re-start, their careers in a new industry.

  1. Providing opportunities for professional development and skill-building to help employees grow and succeed.

The idea of ‘quiet hiring’ is trending in 2023 as it embraces the concept of upskilling current employees to support company needs, but also to invest in their people’s professional development. Successful companies are made up of the talent of their employees and leaders, so it is important to continue providing new opportunities and stretch assignments when the employee welcomes it, and their workload allows to avoid an occurrence of burn out. Ultimately, for companies, it is a way to show their people that their talents are valued, and they see their potential to grow their skills for future success in the company.

  1. Offering flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting or flexible schedules, to support work-life balance.

Flexible work arrangements suddenly became a workplace necessity during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia and around the world. Employees quickly saw the benefits of working from home – and in effect made the world of work better during a difficult time in history. But as lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions have now eased, employees are not eager to lose the advantages working from home provided to their work-life balance. In 2023, company Hybrid-Working Policies are not only becoming more common to appease their employees, but acknowledging it is providing stronger employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

  1. Encouraging open and transparent communication to foster a culture of trust and collaboration.

Encouraging open and transparent communication in the workplace can have many benefits that contribute to a better work environment. Open and transparent communication can encourage a more harmonious workplace with deeper trust, improved collaboration, higher accountability, stronger creativity and innovation, and reduces conflicts before they arise. It will make the world of work better for both employers and their employees as employees will feel valued and empowered, which can lead to improved wellbeing and job satisfaction.

  1. Investing in technology and automation to streamline processes, reduce workload, and increase efficiency.

Investing in technology in the modern workplace makes the world of work better in how it can improve processes, productivity and even profitability. The evolution of cloud computing has proved advantageous with the popularity of working from home, and this is complimented by communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom which makes collaborating with team members possible when working remotely. And we can not forget about how Artificial Intelligence helped automate routine tasks so employees can use their time on more important and profitable tasks, increasing efficiency.

  1. Implementing fair compensation and benefits packages to attract and retain top talent.

Implementing fair compensation and benefits should be top of mind for all companies as the candidate and skills shortage market is expected to continue in 2023. This can involve sitting down with your employee to discuss a base pay increase, a bonus for good performance or reaching a company career milestone, or even salary packaging to show company appreciation of the value their talent brings to the company. Having these measures in place also can help attract top talent.

  1. Promoting wellbeing to help employees better manage stress and achieve a healthy balance.

Promoting a healthy and safe environment creates a positive effect on several factors in the workplace that makes the world of work better for everyone. A healthy and stress-free workplace creates opportunities for higher job satisfaction, which leads to employees producing better work as they are more mentally and physically healthy, and in turn contributing to a positive workplace culture because their wellbeing has been prioritised.

Ways companies can promote work-life integration to support employee wellbeing include:

  • Offering flexible work arrangements (see point number 3!).

  • Encourage the scheduling of breaks for lunch and rest.

  • Organise a wellness week.

  • Implementing an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) so employees have a safe and confidential space for employees to speak about their mental health.

Read our article here with tips on how to find balance in your work life

Companies should continuously review their workplace policies and engage in employee feedback to ensure the processes in place and company culture reflects the needs and positive wellbeing of their people. We’ve provided only a few strategies on how to make the world of work better in 2023, from championing workplace diversity to investing in technology that improves employee work efficiency, but we believe these seven are essential for all companies to get right for the benefit of their employees, but also company processes, productivity and profitability.

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