Assessing for Potential: Why Use Psychometric Assessment in Your Hiring Process? ​

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In our last piece of education we looked at “How Does Psychometric Assessment Work?” but of course how it works does not explain why you should use it.

Why Use Psychometric Assessments

If you have ever made an investment or seen an investment advert you may be familiar with the warning "past results are no guarantee of future performance” and much the same holds true when we are recruiting someone or making a decision about promotions in our organisation.

Resumes and interviews may be a great measure of past performance but may offer little in terms of understanding how that person will perform in a new job role, a new environment, a new team, or perhaps as a first time or more senior leader.

Instead you are better off relying on something suited to predicting future performance which is where psychometric assessment and assessments of personality and ability come to help you.

Indeed, if you are making a hiring decision between two or more people you may currently be relying on how these people have performed in the past. But what you really want to bet on is how they will perform for you in the future.

Assessing Future Potential

Psychometric assessments are well placed to tell us about someone’s future potential in the role as we can predict an individual’s difference to the average when thinking, relating with the others, and delivering work. Or we can compare two candidates. Selecting the candidate with the BestFit for the role which is likely to lead to success.

Differences in Cognitive Ability: Cognitive ability such as logical reasoning and problem solving has been repeatedly shown to be the greatest predictor of future job success. Selecting individuals with above average cognitive ability increases your potential for predicting positive future performance.

Differences in Personality: Modern day assessments of workplace personality are designed to predict likely workplace behaviours based on the ‘strength’ of someone’s personality. Leveraging this information gives you advance insights in to how someone is likely to behave and perform on the job.

So if you could get the insights and data needed to predict who will be best in the future would you take them?

Added Benefits of Psychometric Assessment

The use of psychometric assessment and data in your hiring process will have a number of benefits to your whole organisation as you hire more capable, productive, engaged employees with the learning agility to adapt and grow with your business.

However, as you recruit with psychometric assessment the first benefits you will see are likely to include:

  • Faster hiring decisions as you have clear data to compare your candidates to each other

  • Better hiring decisions as now you can compare your candidate and match them with the requirements of your job role more effectively

If predicting future employee performance while making better, faster recruitment decisions would make a difference to your organisation reach out to understand more on 1300 664 305 or at


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