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Providing Employment Opportunities for Women over 45

​Chandler Macleod, in collaboration with Jobs Victoria and Dnata, are thrilled to announce the release of our new video showcasing the No Glass Ceiling Program, which is designed to provide employment opportunities for women over 45 years of age who are unemployed or at risk of unemployment in male-dominated industries.

This video highlights the success stories of two women, Nobue and Natalia, and their journey from unemployment to placement into their new roles with Dnata. Join Nobue and Natalia as they outline how they benefited from the program, showcasing their journey from the training phase to securing entry-level roles in a male-dominated industry. It also provides an overview from a No Glass Ceiling mentor of the program's features, including bespoke training, case management plans, psychometric assessments, and post-placement support.

Hear from Natalia and Nobue ​

The video aims to raise awareness of the program's effectiveness in breaking down gender barriers and providing equal employment opportunities for women.

Through this video, we hope to inspire more women to join the program and take advantage of the opportunities it offers. We are committed to ensuring that all women over 45 years of age, regardless of their background or experience, have access to these life-changing employment opportunities.

Overall, we are excited to share this new video with our community and showcase the positive impact of the No Glass Ceiling Program on the lives of women over 45 years of age.

Hear from Jennifer

Another success story, last year we met Jennifer and followed her tear-jerking story that ended in triumph and employment at Woolworths. If you missed Jennifer's story you can watch it here:

You can learn more about the No Glass Ceiling program or you can make an inquiry with our Equity Employment team at

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