​10 ways to sustain work satisfaction day-by-day

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Not every day at work feels like a good day and there is no such thing as being happy all the time. But overall, we can experience general satisfaction with our work, and we deserve to feel that consistently.

Whilst employers are responsible for keeping employees engaged and providing safe and enjoyable workplaces where people feel supported in their roles, there is also some responsibility with the employee to maintain a good working attitude and to put in reasonable effort.

So, here are our top tips for how to find happiness at work and feel satisfied in your role (almost) every day!

Connect with positive employees

The people you work with can make a huge impact on how much you enjoy work. If you have a good community at work who you enjoy speaking with both casually and professionally, this can increase your happiness throughout the day. Positive interactions make us feel like we belong which is an important factor in enjoying our work.

Find meaning in your work

For many people, if they feel their job is ‘pointless’ they may be more prone to work dissatisfaction or unhappiness. The goal is to find 1-3 great reasons for doing your job. This could be something pertaining to your specific work, or what your company stands for, or something more personal like what you work hard for, such as your family.

Reward yourself

You may not always get the words of encouragement at the level you need. To make sure you feel like you are doing a good job and achieving, set rewards for yourself when you complete hard-to-do tasks. You could reward yourself with a short break, listening to a podcast, a sweet or savoury treat, a new candle… or anything of your choice! This helps to keep you motivated as you not only experience the reward of finishing the task, but there is also another positive moment waiting for you.

Own self-responsibility

To feel more in control of your work life, you must own the responsibility of not only the work you are currently doing but also your potential development and learning. Take action, be proactive and lean into taking initiative with your job. This may be seen as ‘going above and beyond’ and can work in your favour. Not only to feel satisfied at work but also to be recognised for your efforts.

Don’t get stuck in a negativity cycle

Sometimes, if we have one bad day, or bad interaction, this can leak into all other moments of our day (or even week!). After a negative occurrence, try taking a break and using a conscious breathing pattern that works for you to bring your mind into a calm space. Try not to spread negativity or get caught up in it, because this is a quick trip to being unhappy at work.

Manage your to-do list

Being on top of your to-do list and ticking your weekly tasks off can be insanely satisfying. Not only does it fulfill a sense of achievement, but it also helps your time management and reduces potential stress. When writing out your to-do list you can categorise and prioritise your work so that you have a clear path to work through.

Help others

Helping others is a great way to feel valuable at work. Firstly, you are helping another person learn something new or relieving them of some stress. On top of that, you are able to connect, support and feel involved at your workplace.

Reflect on your achievements and strengths

By reflecting on your achievements and strengths you are able to take a step back and see how amazing you are. It’s important that we feel self-confidence about our abilities and skills as this can help motivate us to keep up the good work!

Don’t ‘overwork’, take breaks

A huge de-motivator is having no work life balance. Make sure you take time out for your personal life and don’t let work be all that you think about or do. It can be overwhelming when work takes over and we can start to resent our job.

Be open to learning

The greatest thing you can do to keep interested in your work is to upskill and learn new things. This keeps things challenging and can also create new opportunity for you to expand and grow within your role (or to a new role!).

How do you keep motivated and satisfied at work?

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