Chandler Macleod xPO team now Gender Equity Accredited

June 2022

Chandler Macleod xPO Talent Solutions (xPO), are the first recruitment team in the RGF Staffing APEJ business to undertake training to achieve a Gender Equity Accreditation through Work180.

What is a Gender Equity Accreditation?

The Gender Equity Sourcing Accreditation for Recruiters has a keen focus on raising organisational standards for women, and by women, Work180 means all who identify and/or experience oppression as a woman (including cis, trans, intersex, non-binary, or gender non-conforming individuals).

Such an Accreditation gives recruiters the chance to upskill and increase their ability to attract underrepresented candidates. As well as having a point of proof for clients that talent acquisition team members have the sourcing skills and knowledge to increase women's representation.

“As an organisation, Chandler Macleod values diversity and recognises the tangible benefits that are realised through an equitable, inclusive and diverse workplace. We are thrilled to be co-creation partners with Work180 on this initiative, providing our team members with the skills and tools to influence positive change within our clients’ businesses and help them realise their DE&I objectives. We also appreciate the immense benefit to many candidates in knowing they are speaking with someone who understands the barriers women (cis, trans, intersex, non-binary or gender non-conforming) and underrepresented groups face when applying for career opportunities” – Rebecca Thomas our xPO Solutions Director

Work180’s Gender Equity Accreditation was achieved through a series of workshops, hands on activities and reflective lessons.

Ultimately, our xPO team is now equipped with helpful knowledge from this program including:

  • A better understanding of the barriers women and underrepresented groups face when applying for career opportunities, and how employers can eliminate these barriers.

  • Insight into what women are looking for in an employer before they feel comfortable to apply.

  • How to assess the Employer Value Propositions (EVP) most engaging aspects for women so they can be incorporated in tactical sourcing strategies (e.g. job advertisements.)

  • What questions to ask to discover a role or an employer’s unique selling point to stand out to candidates.

  • How to ensure that job ads use best practice inclusive hiring techniques.

  • How to create job ads tailored to the target audience.

  • Knowledge on working with hiring managers to create job ads that are transparent and aligned to the employee experience.

Who is Chandler Macleod xPO Talent Solutions?

Chandler Macleod xPO Talent Solutions brings toward all Chandler Macleod’s talent capabilities under one solution. xPO focuses on consultancy first and use their expertise and industry-leading specialists to work on strategic, long-term partnerships and projects, supporting clients with the talent challenges they have, producing best in market solutions. Most often, xPO offer flexible solutions depending on the client’s needs whether that be from select elements of hiring or the entire process. 

The xPO team have now completed the accreditation and are the first RPO business in Australia to achieve accreditation!

We are hopeful that this accreditation process will continue throughout our other businesses to ensure gender equity is top of mind and backed by expertise for our recruiters.

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