What is a Business Psychology Consultancy?

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To be honest, every time our consultants tell someone they are an Organisational Psychologist, usually the next question is “a what?”. Perhaps fair enough too when there are only 875 of us in Australia you don’t bump into us too often, yet employing organisational psychologists for 60+ years is something we are proud of at Chandler Macleod.

So what does a Business Psychologist do?

A Business or Organisational Psychologist is expert in all interactions between people and the workplace. In effect this covers the way we as humans engage with work, derive meaning or enjoyment from work, and the cultures systems and processes that make a workplace successful. Specifically, we are expertly trained in matters including:

  • Recruitment Selection and Assessment

  • Organisational Development and Change

  • Training Design and Evaluation

  • Employee Relationships and Motivation

  • Performance Appraisal and Career Development

  • Human Machine Interaction

  • Design of Environments and Work Health and Safety

  • Coaching, Counselling and Personal Development

What Sets us Apart From Other Consultants?

What makes a psychologist different is our use of data and insights to drive our programs, and our deep knowledge of human behaviour, adult learning principles and what is needed to make change in individuals, teams and organisations.

What does a Chandler Macleod Business Psychologist do?

Following 6 years of university education a Chandler Macleod consultant supports our clients across the ‘Core 4’ areas of our business. These are:


If you’re keen to meet a real life business or organisational psychologist and learn more about what we do reach out for an introduction on 1300 664 305 or at cmpienquiries@chandlermacleod.com​

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