Is it an Assessment or is it “a Chandler Macleod”?

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With over 60 years of history we have had a long time to become an integral part of our clients recruitment processes – so much so we know of clients whose candidates don’t complete a personality or ability assessment, HR simply asks them to complete ‘a Chandler Macleod’.

Reflecting our history as Australia’s first business psychology firm the ability to assess your candidate and employee potential is at the heart of what we do and we treasure the value this can add to your business over the longer term.

Much has changed from the day we began, gone are the pencil and paper assessments, gone is the complex technical interpretations, and gone is the need for candidates to attend our offices to meet a psychologist.

A “Chandler Macleod” Assessment Today

Today we stand on our proud history and provide an unbeatable offering of over 200 assessments with market leading technology delivering a single online candidate experience.

Our commitment to our history and assessment is championed by our proprietary personality assessment – Helix!

Chandler Macleod’s Helix

Built on our 60+ years of experience our Helix Assessment of Personality outperforms its peers when you are looking for modern insights and identifying the individual differences that drive performance in your organisation.

Taking 20 minutes to complete and assessing 36 elements of workplace behaviour our Helix assessment lets you get the core of your people.

Easy to Interpret Reporting

Gone are the days of complex technical reporting. Today our reporting output gives clear guidance on areas of strength, development and if your candidate is the BestFit for the role. Designed for hiring managers to read and supported with consulting phone support we help you make faster more accurate people decisions driven by data.

If you’re interested in a modern day “Chandler Macleod” Assessment reach out for a trial experience 1300 664 305 or

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