Assessment is about Fairness (Ironically)

Assessment Is About Fairness

In our last piece we talked about the value of psychometric assessment for measuring future potential, however assessment is also about fairness!

So how does a process designed to differentiate people promote fairness?

Think about how much of your application process is consistent from a candidate point of view. Perhaps your application form is the same for everyone, but after that the candidate experience often starts to become impacted by human bias - even if you're not aware of it.

The use of psychometric assessment is founded in having a standard measure; a process which is the same and repeatable for all candidates whether it be an assessment of personality or ability.

So What Does This Mean for You?

Having a fair and consistent process in your hiring decisions means:

  • You can clearly differentiate between your candidate’s potential

  • You can make decisions without being impacted by bias and focus on your candidate’s true or perhaps hidden potential

  • You can have objective information to probe and follow up at interview

  • You have the opportunity to provide candidates with objective and meaningful feedback on the hiring outcome

Psychometric Assessment and Diversity and Inclusion

The use of psychometric assessment is well suited to organisations seeking to increase their diversity hiring and inclusion practices. Assessments are rigorously tested through their design to make sure they are consistent and results do not differ on the basis of race, gender, age or years of work experience.

For this reason psychometric assessment is uniquely placed to remove unconscious bias and the risks of poor interviewing and decision making techniques to ensure you are evaluating candidates on their true future potential without influence from our own cultural upbringings, expectations and stereotyping which we all suffer from as humans.

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