Assessment and the Hybrid Workplace

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The BestFit methodology combines the best recruitment strategies with psychometric tools to provide a better fit for job candidates and employers

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have continued to embrace the shift to remote or hybrid working environments recognising the benefits for employees and productivity. However, how you continue to select candidates who are aligned to this ‘new’ way of working may impact your organisational success for many years to come.

The challenges of effective on-boarding, integrating new employees into the existing culture, setting clear expectations and delivering effectively in an environment with less supervision are conversations we continue to have with our clients.

Increasing needs for work culture fit in a hybrid world

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only created uncertainty for individuals and businesses—it's accelerated permanent changes in the world of work. Businesses and job candidates need more clarity and accuracy from the recruitment process. Job candidates in an increasingly competitive job market want to be matched to opportunities that will foster their passion and ambition. Employers, meanwhile, need to be able to look past the skills and experience listed on a CV to really see if a candidate is the right fit—especially now that work styles incorporate less direct supervision. It's more important than ever that companies pay attention to how prospective employees fit into their hybrid or remote organisational culture, management style, and team environment in order to prevent turnover and maximise the opportunities for a successful hire.

Since 1959, Chandler Macleod has been applying the principles of organisational psychology to the challenge of matching job candidates with the right companies. Today, we continue to help clients delve deeper into the mindsets of potential employees, and Chandler Macleod assesses 24,000 people each year. Our emphasis on organisational psychology, underpinned by our BestFit methodology, makes us uniquely positioned to help employers navigate the current global recruitment market.

The BestFit methodology of assessment is at the heart of everything we do — helping to explain the complexity of human behaviour and performance in the workplace using psychological principles. "This will help us to continue increasing the accuracy of our alignment of people and roles and create engaged and happier employees”, Jessica Taniran, Senior Consultant Psychologist said.

Better Understand Your Candidates

Our BestFit methodology is underpinned by the assessment of personality and preferred work styles. Through assessment, our consultants can delve deeper into an applicant's personality traits to better understand their key motivators and work styles, and determine if these align with the role or environment they are applying for. Chandler Macleod consultants then discuss the findings with our clients, and explain how a candidate would likely behave in a specific environment or situation.

This objective assessment of the suitability of a particular applicant removes the guesswork and provides clients with a cost-effective and time-efficient solution at any stage of the recruitment process.

A sample of a BestFit report

Make Faster Hiring Decisions

Organisation’s today are often are faced with selecting candidates based on fewer touch points, fewer opportunities for interpersonal interaction, and with less demonstrated experience of their ability to remain productive in a remote or hybrid environment to draw on – recruitment decisions are being made with less data or evidence thereby increasing risk.

For those organisations looking for scientifically backed data to support and speed up their recruitment decisions, the assessment of personality and applicant potential has often proved key.

Whether from our direct clients or from clients of our Staffing Services business, feedback indicates they are embracing assessment as a means to increase recruitment efficiency. "The feedback we are getting from recruiters and consultants that have been able to demonstrate this to our clients is very positive. It is a real differentiator from our recruitment competitors, and it is really appealing to companies, especially those that are struggling with high churn. BestFit is showing how we are able to go the extra mile for our clients" said Jessica.

Supporting Job Seekers

Our BestFit methodology benefits job candidates as well. "We're finding that more candidates have become willing to engage in psychometric assessments this year," said Jamie Greer, the General Manager of Chandler Macleod People Insights.

With the feedback we provide to all successful and unsuccessful candidates for our clients we are able to assist them to identify their strengths, their best potential job matches, as well as how they may increase their productivity and improve their onboarding experience in a hybrid or remote work environment.

Assisting our clients with this service is something we are proud of to ensure that assessment is benefiting both our clients as well as their applicants.

If more data in your recruitment process will help you making better, faster recruitment decisions reach out to understand more on 1300 664 305 or at


About the Author

Jessica Taniran

Senior Consultant Psychologist, Chandler Macleod People Insights

As a Consultant Psychologist with Chandler Macleod People Insights, Jessica specializes in the interpretation of psychometric assessment for selection and development. Additionally, she is responsible for designing and delivering HR Consulting projects, including succession planning programs, assessment and development centres, and facilitating training workshops. Jessica is skilled in the provision of outplacement coaching for front-line staff from a range of industries. Jessica completed her bachelor's degree in psychology at Griffith University, finishing with First Class Honours, then went on to complete her Masters in Organisational Psychology.​

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