Chandler Macleod embracing Hybrid Working and Connected Workspaces

April 2021 (3)

In 2020, as we all well know, the pandemic fundamentally changed the way we work. Many employees and leaders alike at Chandler Macleod realised the benefits of working from home, such as less time commuting, fewer expenses, more time to focus on work and more autonomy over working hours. However, there were many employees who were keen to return to the office; some missed the social aspect, and others could focus more in an office environment.

So, as we stepped into 2021, it became clear that there were many different expectations and priorities around how to integrate work and life.

This is where the business decided to update the Flexible Working Policy and develop their current and new Hybrid Working Policy. Because whilst many were happy to return to the office full time, numerous others will choose to some time working remotely. The new policy guides employees and managers to make the choice together to best suit the employee’s work style as well as their team and clients.

Chandler Macleod’s new Hybrid Working Policy is a proactive response to feedback from employees conducted in anonymous surveys as well as our monthly Town Hall meetings where our leaders host a transparent update for all employees.

The new policy indicates the importance of remaining connected no matter our choice of workspace, to the company purpose, our clients, and to one another.

Notably, with some employees opting to return to the office, Chandler Macleod are keeping their brick and mortar offices as a hub or collaboration space that will keep colleagues connected through work.

Whilst policies are being updated at Chandler, so is the idea of the office. Enter, The Connected Workspace. The Connected Workspace has 6 core elements that aim to bring the office into the future and create a happier, more dynamic space for employees. These elements include:

  • A focus on ease of communication

  • Ease of mobility (especially around technology)

  • Sustainability

  • Collaboration

  • Flexibility

  • Accessibility

There are specific emphases on a new way of work life integration off the back of the new Hybrid Working Policy and the desire to create a fluid, flexible workspace which embraces updated, easy to use and portable technology, as well as well thought out interior and office design aspects to make up the ultimate collaboration space whilst remaining COVID safe.

As a company, we are so proud of the participation from employees to help them build both a successful Hybrid Working Policy as well as an ideal Connected Workspace plan. There is plenty of excitement around new flexible work schedules that cater to individuals, as well as teams venturing back into the physical office to experience the ‘new normal’ of corporate life.

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