Asking for feedback is key to engagement and improvement at work

February 2021 (1)

How do we improve our employee experience, without asking the employees what they think and feel?

Of course, data, work performance, and anecdotal comments can gauge how a workforce is doing, but only to some extent.

What’s that saying?... If you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

There are many elements of work that don’t include just numbers, just performance or just a few staff members speaking up every now and then. All staff deserve to have a say, and all workplaces can benefit from listening to their people.

What can help?

Anonymous surveys that ask for feedback from employees at all levels are an excellent way to work out what the company needs to work on, as well as to realise what the company does well and how to keep doing it!

Anonymous team surveys can also be extremely helpful to help managers figure out the best way to improve their team attitude and efficiency by being able to focus on improving their own short comings and keep up behaviours that are encouraging and positive for the team.

Make sure feedback and surveys actually make a difference

It’s one thing to conduct a survey, but there are a few ways to make sure 1. People participate, and 2. That people can see change from the feedback they’ve given.

When sending around a survey, it should be accessible to all. It should be advertised and mentioned by higher management to encourage participation and desire to hear people’s true thoughts. And of course, it should be anonymous.

The questions should be intentional and clear. They should not be purely plain yes or no questions (although there may be some), questions should also require a written response or rating.

Most importantly, steps need to be taken after receiving feedback to indicate that employees have been heard. This could include company goals based upon a popular stream of responses, different management styles implemented, or policies being amended or created. The list goes on, depending on the feedback that was received.

What are the major benefits?

Employee engagement is not always easy to accomplish. Especially with the rise of remote working where people aren’t interacting face to face every day. Many people may need more incentive, or motivation to continue putting in their best efforts.

To include your employees in major changes and support them by way of asking what you can do better will open a conversation and make people feel valued and heard. Once even the smallest of changes are made, people begin to feel as if they are part of the bigger picture, not just any other employee in any random company. When people are supported and cared for, they will naturally work harder than if they resent or dislike the company they work for.

Asking for feedback is a huge part of employee engagement (but it’s not the only part), especially in times of massive change or uncertainty. Realising you aren’t perfect and can always improve not only makes things better for your employee’s but can help you grow your business into bigger and better things. ​

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