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​As many organisations searched for ways to connect with and support their employees during Covid-19, CM People Insights and Staffing Services rallied together to offer any help we could.

Over the last month, our united teams offered two extremely relevant, complimentary webinars including Navigating Stressful Events and Supporting your Team through Stressful Events. These were run by our expert facilitators and Registered Psychologists. This created opportunities for conversation and provided tangible, evidence-based support. We were able to bring people together to explore navigating change- as professionals and as individuals.

4 in 5 attendees have rated the webinars as Very Good or Excellent so far, and further feedback has been fantastic. One of our webinar attendees stated that;

“The facilitator was great, everything was explained really clearly and the content was well planned out and easy to follow. All of the information was super practical with simple steps that individuals and managers can implement easily.”

Our People Insights team realised the impact of information shared in this format and believe they could help so many people with the day-to-day challenges that have arisen. So they have now expanded their suite of virtual webinars to address components of transitioning back to “normal” work, including;

•Balancing Work and Caring Responsibilities

•Enabling High Performing Virtual Teams

•Leading High Performance Teams Post Covid-19

For more information about these webinars, you can contact Jamie Greer at

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