Best-practice recruitment in a post-recession market

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As we ponder our inevitable post recession socio-economic recovery, Bill Armstrong, one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists, decided he must share knowledge around the developments in recruitment practice which took place during our last period of recovery and growth.

Following the last recession in Australia (1991-92) there was great innovation and advancement in the recruitment industry. Recruitment became a business strategy, not an operational process, and this development was a positive element in our socio-economic recovery during the 1990s.

In the following paper Bill discusses:

  • the current state of Talent Acquisition practice

  • delivery of related Social Equity/Diversity & Inclusion

  • Employer of Choice branding and its benefits

  • what can Best-Practice Recruitment look like?

The positive developments and advancement in recruitment practice which took place in the early 90s were seen as both a best-practice business strategy and a positive element in our socio-economic recovery. Bill proposes that the risks of doing otherwise are as critical today as they were then.

We must consider and embrace the view that from an economic, political and social stand-point, there are several opportunities that we can implement and upkeep, not just to get our socio-economic health back, but to make it much better.

View Bill's 'call to action' paper below.

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