How to Structure Talent Solutions for Complex Organisations

Structure Talent Solutions For Complex Organisations

Structuring talent solutions can be complex at the best of times for even small organisations. But when organisations grow, the needs of a robust HR solution becomes even more challenging, and mistakes in hiring can have long reaching (and long lasting) impacts across the company.

For example…

Healthcare service delivery is complex and operationally challenging at the best of times.  A recent major healthcare client of ours were experiencing financial and productivity decline despite increased demand for services. This presented a complex people puzzle. Though it was nothing that our Executive team couldn’t help with.

Identifying Solutions

Our role in this circumstance is usually about finding someone who can continue to fly the plane while making several major software upgrades.

We were able to identify a suitably skilled COO to turn around the operational performance of the business using engagement and culture as the key metric for success.

Our approach

Market with authenticity

  • Invest in meaningful, early conversations with candidates

  • Enable people to help us spread the word

Secure buy-in

  • Involve key stakeholders and influencers in the recruitment process

  • Allow candidates to articulate opportunities and solve challenges

Apply Structure

  • Clearly define the need and tailor the solution

  • Objectively assess a candidates capacity, style and fit using the best tools available

Facilitate meaningful engagement

  • Structured integration conversations that identify current and future state

  • And of course, improve the all-important time to performance metric!

Principal Consultant, Peter Gwizdalla explains the rationale behind our practice’s point of difference.

“Getting the right person in the right job at the right time is only half the battle, we measure a successful appointment by the overall effectiveness of our client’s executive leadership team.”

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