How to Add a Project List to Your Resume


This is super simple; however it always helps to have a guide on how to update your resume, especially if you are in construction and work on many projects. Some resume advice may not always seem relevant to you, but this definitely will be. All relevant project experience should be listed to provide evidence of your skill level.

Here’s how:

There are two ways to incorporate your project list into your traditional resume.

Project List as ‘experience’

You have your standard resume:

  • Name and contact details

  • Summary

  • Qualifications/Certificates

  • Key skills

  • Experience

In this case, in the ‘Experience’ section, name the companies you have worked for in chronological order and the amount of time you worked there. You should also include your job title, your responsibilities and your achievements at the time of that experience.

To incorporate your projects you can insert dot points of projects you worked on for each company. This means the company will play as a heading whilst your project experience follows below. This is helpful if you changed roles or simply worked on many projects with one company.

Project List as an add on

Alternatively, you could leave your experience as is and include another section titled ‘Projects’. Or if you are applying for a specific role ‘Construction Projects’ or ‘Mining Projects’. You can then list as below:

  • Project name. Your role/job title. The dates of the project.

  • Repeat

  • Repeat

This option is more useful to those who have worked on many projects but who are regularly contracted out to different companies.

We hope this helps! Any questions are welcome, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice on our social channels.

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