Tips for entry-level accounting job seekers


In an industry that can be fiercely competitive when it comes to accounting jobs, it’s important to do what it takes to get ahead. Whether you’re graduating in six months’ time or have recently made the transition, here are the things you can do to help get the accounting job of your dreams.

Have a focus

There are many different types of accounting jobs and while most formal graduate programs enable you to get experience across a range of disciplines within the field, having an idea of the type of career path you’d like to take can give you an edge when your potential employer is making their hiring decisions. Being able to articulate the type of specialisation you think you’d like to do shows that you have drive and passion, have researched the industry, and are looking for a career, not just a job.

Consider relocating for work

While there is a high concentration of head offices and large employers in major metropolitan areas, even if your end goal is to secure an accounting job in Sydney, being open to working in regional centres can open up even more possibilities and help you accelerate your career progression. Big city living doesn’t necessarily come cheap, so many graduates hoping to end up in an accounting job in Melbourne initially start out in one of the smaller towns within a couple of hours’ radius of the city. While there are less overall positions in the regional areas, there is also less competition for the available vacancies. Combined with lifestyle perks like a shorter commute, relative proximity to the city and a lower cost of living, working in a smaller area can really pay off. There are also job opportunities on remote worksites in the mining and construction industry – some Queensland graduates have found that doing fly in fly out work has been a great alternative to finding an accounting job in Brisbane.

Work with a recruitment agency

No doubt you’ve heard that building relationships is essential to career success – but don’t limit your networking to peers within your profession. You don’t need to wait for a position to be advertised to start liaising with a recruitment agency. Make an appointment with one of our recruitment consultants and start working with them to achieve your career goals. They have plenty of experience placing people in accounting jobs. Even if they don’t place you in your initial position, they can still be a valuable ally throughout your career, so keep the lines of communication open.

Find experience where you can

Experience can also help give you an edge over other graduates. While you’re looking for a graduate accounting job, see if there is scope to do some volunteer work experience in the finance team of your current workplace. Another option would be to find a charity or community group who need some part time accounting or bookkeeping help. This will show that you are motivated and proactive, which are two ideal candidate qualities.

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