• What employment services do you offer to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?
    We tailor our services to suit our candidate and employers needs, so our services are not rigid. Some of the support we've offered to employers and candidates previously include:
    - Having routine catch ups with your case worker during onboarding
    - Mentorship and coaching
    - Training, accreditation, and completing checks to qualify for specific roles
    - Sustenance and protection provided for physically demanding jobs (e.g. hydrolates, sunscreen, food vouchers etc.)

    To view more detailed examples of the support we offer see our case studies. We also adapt our support to suit the lores, traditions, and customs our Indigenous candidate recognises, for examples of these please view our cultural protocols page.

  • Why is Indigenous employment important?
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment is important because it provides:
    - A greater scope of perspective to businesses wishing to excel in the Australian market
    - An opportunity to improve social and economic standards for all Australians
    - An opportunity for those who may have been held back due to biases

    For more information on the many benefits of Indigenous employment please visit our Indigenous Careers page.

  • What is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment strategy?
    An Indigenous employment strategy provides workforce solutions during recruitment, onboarding, and ongoing retention. It enables businesses to provide opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, as well as setting them and the business up for success moving forward.

    For our clients that actively want to increase Indigenous employment we can provide support on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment strategy. Here are some examples of how we can collaborate with our clients to support on Indigenous employment strategies:

    - Share our recruitment strategy intended to minimise bias and be culturally appropriate
    - Adjust our approach to meet any commitments and requirements within a company's RAP
    - Mediate between candidate and employer to ensure cultural protocols are met
    - Provide support and advice on approaching cultural differences

  • Do you have an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and development program?
    Chandler Macleod has developed our own Solid Start Program, it is a bespoke program that we tailor to suit the needs of our clients and candidates. While it is utilised across a variety of industries and for a diversity of clients, it offers accreditation and training for Indigenous candidates looking to start on a new career path.

  • How do you reach Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates?
    If you are an employer intending to reach a larger Indigenous candidate pool, we have strategic partnerships with Indigenous organisations, businesses, communities, and government agencies which we incorporate into our larger recruitment strategy. View our Indigenous Employers page for more information.

  • Do you have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job vacancies?
    All our jobs are open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates, if you are an Indigenous jobseeker please complete the form at the bottom of this page to register your interest in a specific role. We do prioritise our Indigenous candidates and tailor our recruitment strategies in an attempt to overcome unconscious biases and be conscious of cultural differences.

If you have any questions that were not answered above, please submit your queries through our enquiry form at the bottom of this page and one of our friendly representatives will be in touch.

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