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Harnessing over 25 years’ experience in delivering graduate and entry level recruitment and assessment services, xPO Talent solutions now delivers more Graduate recruitment services than any other outsourced provider in the country.

We provide clients with a fully tailored assessment methodology built upon deep foundational understanding of what success looks like for every role type and cohort. Our assessment experts design and deliver graduate recruitment and RPO programs, all fully grounded in best-practice, market-leading innovation and a continuous process improvement mindset.

Our team of over 20 psychologists nationally are supported by expert HR consultants and volume recruitment specialists.

We offer unrivalled ability to scale our service to your needs with minimal notice. We can also offer self-sufficient delivery models - on demand - transferring our capability to your HR teams.

Our solutions are built to ensure responsiveness and designed to enable rapid deployment of high-quality, volume resources. We can do this whilst adhering to the agreed compliance and probity requirements of our clients.

​Over the past 12 months alone we have:

  • Managed over 57,000 Graduate applications

  • Conducted over 154,000 psychometric assessments

  • Facilitated and screened over 25,000 Video interviews

  • Conducted over 44,000 reference checks

  • Hosted over 16,000 candidates through Virtual Assessment Centres

  • Successfully supported the placement of over 12,000 candidates for roles in Australia

XPO Talent Solutions

The Number 1 Graduate Recruitment Company In Australia

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Graduate & Emerging Talent: Technology & User Experience Design

XPO Talent Solutions strive to bring global best practice and thought leadership to every program that we design and deliver. We focus heavily on the journey that every potential employee takes from their first encounter with your Employer Brand, to the end of the onboarding process.

XPO Talent Solutions are truly agnostic when it comes to technology and many of our programs are run on existing, client core technology.

We can design and provide bespoke technology platforms or have our team quickly trained to operate yours.

We will work with you to decide what your candidate experience will look and feel like.

Carefully choosing technology helps to elevate your candidate experience to a level that can help to equal or surpass your competitors for talent. This results in more choice, better quality candidates.

Tools are often suggested to replace time-consuming, manual tasks and lower costs. However, each program will only reflect the rate of change that a client is comfortable with

Should we use our own pre- integrated technology stack:

XPO Talent Solutions will ensure that:

A marketing automation platform will be used to email and text candidates in the talent community with open opportunities, job search and company related messages throughout their lifecycle. (The fine balance between engaging, relevant, and personalised content and ‘spam’ needs to be carefully planned.)

Candidates receive relevant video messages, relaying current employee endorsements, virtual office tours and realistic job profile content (x3 times more effective than company literature)

AI chatbots will converse in real-time with candidates during their application process, providing them with information and instant response.

Data driven workforce planning will be made possible as candidates are scored as ‘most likely to accept a role’ based on their level of engagement.

Especially designed assessment technology will be applied to our graduate recruitment programs.

Assessment Technology – Gateway

Having established the ‘what’ to assess, we move to the ‘how’ to assess!

Chandler Macleod’s online assessment platform ‘Assessment Gateway’ is unique in Australia.

We can administer a range of psychological assessments tailored to the specific needs of you the Client and we are not restricted to any specific tool or provider.

Assessment Gateway provides:

  • Access to a wide range of tools

  • Access to new and up-to-date tools

  • Flexibility of assessments

  • Better candidate experience

  • Better user experience

  • Self-serve access

  • Immediate results

  • Customised branding

  • Customised reporting

  • Graduate Talent Marketing

We partner with GradConnection and the Financial Review to deliver the Top100 Graduate Employers and Future Leaders Competition and Awards Night which showcases cutting edge Assessment Centre approaches every year and increases the marketing focus we can bring to our Graduate Recruitment customers.

Thousands of data points are used to rank the Top100 graduate employers throughout the recruitment year. Over 70% of students who successfully obtain a position in a formal graduate program use GradConnection when looking for their first graduate job (AAGE Candidate survey). Employers are ranked based on actual measured student application behaviour, and not survey data, which can be unreliable.

Central to a successful graduate attraction strategy is input from specialists like GradConnection as well as maintaining strong relationships with tertiary level institutions. Proactive campus recruitment is often key to our client’s access to the best graduate talent: liaising with university career services offices and career sites, advertising on campus news boards and websites, coordinating client brand representation at campus job fairs and recruiting events and full on-campus program management.

We have long established relationships with most Australian universities and RTOs and have conducted many graduate recruitments drives as well as working directly for the universities themselves.

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