We at Chandler Macleod Consulting (CMC) are leaders in professional development at all levels, and tailor programs to your needs and your organisation’s strategic goals. We provide valuable, educational sessions and resources at an individual, team, and leadership level that are practical, actionable, and evidence based.

Our sessions are run by professional psychologists with a passion for helping individuals and their teams excel at work and in life.

Leadership Development Programs

​Both emerging and experienced leaders can benefit from leadership development programs which enhance leadership capabilities and skills. Emerging leaders are able to learn best principles and frameworks for the future, whereas experienced leaders are able to refresh and validate their learnings. Incorporating assessments for potential and 360 surveys, we provide leaders a burning platform for change. Our professional development sessions will assist leaders in gaining better control and confidence within their work life whilst also benefiting those around them.

​Chandler Macleod Consulting offer the following leadership development programs:

  • ​The Elevate Senior Leadership program enhances leadership effectiveness by building on a leader’s existing knowledge. Aligned to seven core leadership capabilities, leaders are encouraged to network, share their experiences, and learn from their senior leader colleagues. Experiential and interactive, the monthly three-hour sessions blends workshops sessions with individual coaching and self-directed experiments. As part of the program, leaders also complete a 360 survey to provide leaders with some insight on how they are currently experienced by the people they work with.

  • ​The Navigate program for emerging leaders and focusses on establishing knowledge of core leadership fundamentals. Over 12 months, participants partake in 10 themed modules which are focused on increasing insight and awareness, increasing capability, and managing complex environments and enterprise skills. There are also group workshops which are practical and topical. They are activity based and provide an opportunity for participants to focus on a particular area each month.

Team Development Programs

Not every team member has the same working style and preferences. How can we work together to bring out the best out in ourselves and our teams? Our team development programs are created to assist with providing team members the opportunity to not just learn about their own style and preferences, but the style and preferences of those they work closely with. Team development programs are a great way for both new and established teams to discover how they can best work together, and to create discussion and unity within your work force whilst learning valuable information that will take the teams’ capabilities to the next level.

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Chandler Macleod Consulting offer the following team development programs:

The Humm Work Styles framework offers a rich team develop discussion on work dynamics and self-awareness in a fun and engaging way. Seven temperaments are explored to determine how each person is likely to react to workplace situations. Group workshops help to uncover what makes each team member tick and what they may be driven by. Implications for individuals and teams that are high, moderate, and low in each area are discussed.

Through the DISC questionnaire, teams learn about how their team performs within the four behavioural styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. Team members have both a ‘natural style’ (instinctive behaviours) and an ‘adjusted style’ (behaviours that change due to a change in environment, situations, and roles). A deep understanding of each style’s preferences, motivators, fears, and behaviours under pressure is key to understanding the winning team formula for delegating, motivating others, and communication.

Within the workshops, we discuss how to identify preferred styles, the impact of adjusting styles, and potential implications for the team.

Individual Development Programs

Our individual development programs are for anyone interested in professional development from the early careerist through to Senior Leaders and Executives. We have multiple options depending on your desired topic of learning and recommend these sessions to any professional wanting to develop their understanding or skillset.

We can coordinate these programs across your organisation, where we do the heavy lifting on the program management, ensuring sessions are front of mind with your participants, so they are well attended and valued.

Chandler Macleod Consulting offer the following individual development programs:

The Leadership Wave Profile which predicts a leader’s strengths and limitations within nine Leadership Impact areas. Chandler Macleod Consulting psychologists can provide recommendations on a leader’s motives, preferences, needs, and talents are aligned with a leader’s current or future role.

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