Hospitality Jobs in Australia

The Chandler Macleod Group, through hospitality services business AHS Hospitality, works across an array of Australian, New Zealand and multi-national hotels. From 3 to 5-star hotels, as well as luxury and boutique sites, our recruitment agents can be your link to a number of hospitality and housekeeping jobs, whether they involve permanent or temp work.

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From Room Attendants and Chefs to Receptionists, the Chandler Macleod team are dedicated to finding the best domestic and international vacancies, ensuring you find the role you are searching for. Working with us means collaborating with a recruitment agency that is devoted to prioritising your safety in the workplace, providing you with regular shifts and paying you accurately and promptly. 

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We recruit a wide variety of hospitality jobs:

  • Cleaners
  • Housekeeping
  • Assistant Housekeeping Managers
  • Executive Housekeepers
  • Reception
  • Room Attendants
  • Public Area Attendants
  • Management
  • Operations Managers
  • Administration Staff
  • Office Coordinators
  • Executive
  • Customer Service
  • Hotel Housemen
  • Chefs

Our Geographic Footprint

Thanks to a far-reaching global presence, the Chandler Macleod Group can connect job seekers with an extensive selection of national and international opportunities across many different industries. Offices can be found in 5 countries, with locations in New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China.  

Internationally, we have over 1,100 full-time employees and more than 20,000 people working across the Chandler Macleod Group business every week. The Group comprises companies such as Grafton Consulting, VivirAHSLuminary Search, OCG, Cornerstone Global Partners and Aurion.

Skills Profiles for Hospitality Jobs

Chandler Macleod’s selection of Skills Profiles gives job seekers insight into job market trends, salary levels and hiring benchmarks for a range of jobs and areas.  

Check out our Skills Profiles for the hospitality sector:

Working with the right recruitment agent can have a huge impact on your professional progression.  Contact Chandler Macleod today for more information or to get started. With offices in all the major locations around the country, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a full-time role in Sydney, temporary employment in Adelaide or a specialised recruitment agent in Melbourne – we are here to provide you with a world of opportunity.  

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Don’t miss out on the perfect job! Create a Job Alert to hear about our new opportunities first.