Self-reflection and Celebrating your Year

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​Just like that, another year has passed! We are coming to the end of 2022 and preparing for a rest before we get back to it in 2023.

The end of the year is one of the most popular times for people to take some time out, reflect, and set goals for the future.

In this blog we would like to focus on self-reflection and celebration. It can be overwhelming at the end of the year with all the holiday activities going on that we can rush past the part where we notice how far we’ve come and skip over into the new year feeling like we have to create new goals and plans.

However, one of the most important parts of setting goals and maintaining motivation, is to realise how much we’ve already achieved. Here is what you can do and why to celebrate the year that’s passed.

Journalling your achievements

Firstly, take a moment to celebrate! Write down all the things you were proud to have achieved this year. It could be anything, for example, you could have kept an exercise routine, moved houses, got a new job, started a family, finished a creative project, organised your home… the list could go on! No matter how small you think an achievement is, write it down.

Reflecting on what you have achieved is a great reminder of all you can do, and it is a good motivator to keep going, and keep achieving, in the same or different ways. There is nothing worse than having the attitude of ‘look how far I have to go’ – without noticing how far you have already come. This perspective can help you move forward and feel good about yourself.

Journalling what you could have done better

We also have to acknowledge what could have gone better. This can be a bit tricky and confronting at times. By taking responsibility and owning our mistakes and missteps, we can create a better plan going forward that will lead to better chances of success. Plus, when we acknowledge room for improvement, we start taking huge strides in self-growth and personal development which overall benefits us in all areas of our life.

Think about what you want to continue doing

Make notes on all the good things, whether that is relationships, activities, habits, or circumstances you want to continue with. You’re already doing them, which makes them easy goals and lifestyle choices to continue achieving! This kind of reflection helps us to recognise what we are capable of achieving and embracing consistently. Delve into how these things make you feel, and reflect on the positivity that these actions bring to your life to further the incentive to keep them around.

Think about what you want to stop or remove

Alternatively, think about the things you want to stop doing or remove from your life. This one is not only about mistakes or errors, but could be external factors that cause you stress or upset such as a toxic job or bad relationship. Or it could be a bad habit such as smoking or drinking. Whatever it may be, put the intention out there to stop or remove this factor from your life. It can help to explore feelings of why you want to remove these things, and how they negatively impact you so there is stronger encouragement to remove them from your life.

Pinpoint 5 words to describe your year, and 5 you want to reflect the year ahead

A fun reflection idea can be to put together 5 words that described your past year. For example, it could be:

  1. Busy

  2. Exciting

  3. Change

  4. Joy

  5. Stress

They don’t all have to be positive words – try to be truthful and accepting. Understand that over all, a year can feel like it was ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but it was most likely a mixture of these things. This is a nice reminder of the need for balance.

Then, aim to create a list of 5 words for how you want the next year to be. This is more aspirational so the words can be more positive. If you’d like you can print off or write out the words and stick them in a place you see every day (like on the fridge or at your desk!) to help remind you of the vibes you want in your life!

This list could look like:

  1. Happy

  2. Dedicated

  3. Fun

  4. Relaxing

  5. Adventurous

Enjoy your self-reflection and allow it to put you in the right mindset for goal setting in the new year!

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