Why Chandler Macleod undertook a brand refresh

April 2022 (2)

​In some recent brand research, we found some things we wanted to improve upon.

Positively, Chandler Macleod was found to be a very well-known, reliable Australian recruitment company achieving 69% top of mind awareness and 99% prompted brand awareness.

However, research showed that Chandler Macleod was more well-known for blue-collar recruitment than white-collar and weren’t known for their specialisations. (We want to make sure we are reaching out to all our audiences, and to ensure people are aware of all our services!)

The colour palette and brandmark were felt to be quite strong, static and a bit masculine. (Which is something we felt needed freshening up!)

Lastly, the previous ‘Unleashing Potential’ theme was fitting for recruitment but had lost context with customers. (It felt outdated, and we wanted to bring it back to the core of what we do: getting people, on multiple levels.)

So, our new look centres on a fresh pop of coral red, with a welcoming tone of sand, and confident tones of charcoal. We can’t forget some uplifting white, and a smart pale grey, with a hint of driven inspired medium grey. All of which better reflect our brand's personality! Our brand mark was also softened and made fresher with our new brand colours and identifying circle (which represents not only our signature letters C and M, but also a person!).

But this is just what we look like now on the outside. We really hope to get the message across of what we do. Which is what we have always done, just now, we have a tagline to match: We get people.

Chandler Macleod is made up of multiple brands, all getting people in their own way.

Chandler Macleod Staffing literally gets people. We find our client's candidates, and we find our candidate's jobs. We work across all levels of employment, within a multitude of industries including Mining & Resources, Renewable Energy, Government, Procurement & Supply Chain, Banking & Financial Services, Construction, Manufacturing and Transport.

Chandler Macleod Consulting has been using their BestFit™ methodology to understand what makes people tick since 1959. They now utilise psychometric assessment and organisational psychology to help find clients and candidates alike, the best fit for them. They also have extensive knowledge and experience in Career Transition & Change, Leader & Learning Development, and Organisational Diagnostics.

Chandler Macleod xPO Talent Solutionsbrings toward all of our talent capabilities under one solution. xPO focuses on consultancy first and use their expertise and industry-leading specialists to work on strategic, long-term partnerships and projects, supporting clients with the talent challenges they have, producing best in market solutions. Most often, xPO offer flexible solutions depending on the client’s needs whether that be from select elements of hiring or the entire process.

Last but not least, we have Chandler Macleod Managed Services which is a one-stop vendor-neutral managed concierge service that takes care of Training Administration, Logistics and Vendor Management functions. There are several main functions of our Managed Services team including: Outsourced Administration, Event Management & Logistics, Procurement and Supplier Payment Processing, Data Entry and Records Management, and Outsourced Customer Service Centres.

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