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Being a school crossing supervisor is more than just a job, it’s an opportunity to impact lives. You never know what kind of day people are having, a friendly chat or a kind smile can make a big difference to a person.


Just ask Denis Kilmartin who supervises a crossing just outside the Malvern Central Primary School in Stonnington.

“I enjoy that I have a purpose to get up in the mornings and out in the afternoons to help students and families.”

 Denis has been working in the position for over 7 years now. "I like that I can work in a job I enjoy, connect with the community and feel satisfied knowing that I have a safe crossing for everyone to use."

 School crossing supervisors are paid positions and are perfect for people looking for flexibility to fit work into their lives and also feel a sense of community. Depending on the contract, they can accrue holiday leave and sick leave also and have flexibility around whether you want to work both morning and afternoon or just one of the shifts a day.


Parents rave about their school crossing supervisors too: “Denis is awesome!! Always happy to see the kids and parents!”


"It is great to feel appreciated and the generosity of parents at the end of the year is satisfying and rewarding, especially when you can give back to the community in some form. Being a school crossing supervisor allows me to do this."

Chandler Macleod are currently sourcing for the 2022 school year in:

·       City of Stonnington

·       City of Monash and

·       City of Boroondara


If you’re interested in getting involved, we’d love to hear from you

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