The Tjiwarl Work Readiness Program


We interviewed Craig Myers, Chandler Macleod Client Development Manager about one of our recent successes with the Solid Start Initiative. Here’s what he had to say!

Can you tell us about this project, how it started, the main goals and what it entails for participants?

The Tjiwarl Work Readiness Program is a Solid Start Initiative with CMG and BHP that got started back in 2018 to support the Traditional Owners in the Leinster area and provide the opportunity to gain employment in roles within the Mining Operations. In the latest program, individuals applied and were selected to join a 9-week course to prepare them for the workforce, including classroom, on the job experience and a qualification with a Cert II in Resourcing/Infrastructure.

What were the greatest outcomes?

Firstly, 8 motivated individuals came out of the programme with the confidence, nationally recognised qualifications and personal and professional growth to enter the mining workforce and begin careers. This was with great help from our BHP stakeholders who were empowered, passionate and committed to the graduates and their success.

Secondly, there was wonderful involvement and local employment for the Traditional Owner Community.

And finally, in October 2020, the Tjiwarl Work Readiness Program was awarded a Highly Commended Award at the BHP HSEC Awards. 

How did you achieve such great results?

There were so many ingredients to success in this instance which I am very proud and appreciative of. This included:

  • A dedicated and passionate project team from CMG, Carey Training, and BHP

  • Direct involvement of the Tjiwarl Corporation and Community initially sourcing candidates

  • Specific roles to fill by the end of the program were known in advance

  • Full support of the various hiring managers on site and at a corporate level

  • Restructuring the program to a shorter time frame and more on the job work experience

  • Well defined and reinforced behavioral expectations from the start

  • Close relationship and contact throughout the program with all participants. Including the dedication and passion of Anne and the close relationship built with Mel at Leinster.

When will the next program commence and will it be the same?

It’s likely to commence around early September 2021. It will run similarly with the Tjiwarl Corporation involved in sourcing and selection. This was valuable for local community buy-in and finding the right people. And of course, as always there will be space for improvement as we plan ahead.

 ​[The artwork in the header of this blog was created by the participants of the Tjiwarl Work Readiness Program]

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