BestFit Accredited Recruiters stand out from the crowd

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Chandler Macleod’s BestFit™ methodology aims to increase the accuracy of the recruitment process. We do this by combining the most effective recruitment methodologies and psychometric tools into a comprehensive process that represents global best practice in recruitment and selection.

What is BestFit?

BestFit™ is a methodology that is championed by the Chandler Macleod Group. It seeks to explain the complexity of human behaviour and performance in the workplace. The methodology is based upon a formula derived from many years of research in psychology, which states that behaviour is a function of a person and their environment.

Embedding this formula in a workplace context allows Chandler Macleod to predict performance (behaviour) through understanding the skills, aptitude, temperament and motivations of candidates, whilst aligning this to their clients’ unique environments.

Chandler Macleod’s goal is to find the candidate who is the BestFit™ for the position and the organisation, thereby increasing not only the performance level in that position, but also the average level of performance across teams and the whole organisation. This effectively maximises engagement and productivity while decreasing costs associated with turnover and poor performance.

Recently, Chandler Macleod have certified all their recruiters to use the BestFit methodology.

The BestFit Accreditation Program run by Chandler Macleod’s Organisational Psychologists equips their consultants by taking tested recruitment methodologies and pairing them with psychometric tools that represent global best practice in recruitment and selection.

Using their own assessment tool ‘Helix’, consultants delve deeper into an applicant’s personality traits and can gain a deeper understanding of their key motivators and workstyles and if these align with the role and organisation/environment that they are applying for. Consultants can then discuss with their clients; to really understand more about the individual rather than what is on a resume or what a reference says as while they may have the right skill set and have performed previously, their alignment in their potential new environment may not always be a BestFit for them or the organisation.

This training and the use of this assessment tool is completely unique to Chandler Macleod. It’s part of their DNA and stems back to when Chandler Macleod started as an organisational psychology business in 1959 before branching out into recruitment.

We have seen a huge amount of interest and enthusiastic uptake from the consultants who have received this new accreditation, as they walk away better equipped to understand human behaviour and are able to have more meaningful conversations with their clients and candidates. Jamie Greer, Registered Psychologist, GM Consulting.

The major benefit of Chandler Macleod consultants being accredited in BestFit methodology is that there is a wider span of access to expertise for clients and a deeper sense of care and understanding for candidates too. By equipping all recruitment staff with this tool, Chandler Macleod believe they will be able to aid the success for both candidates and clients by placing people into the right roles for them, and finding businesses the right people for their work environment.


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