The candidate journey – what does your organisation’s recruitment process say about your company?

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If you are not already aware Chandler Macleod’s sister company –Glassdoor provides the leading platform for employees and candidates to tell the world how they felt during their time with you. 

This is particularly important when you consider that job applicants make up the second-largest group of people your organisation chooses to liaise with directly (customers typically come first).

As consulting partners to several large, established employers with necessarily strict people governance practices, we appreciate the value of due consideration.

However, if you have not got the time to meet candidates halfway on the two-way process of discovery you are potentially hurting more than just your employer brand.

As Brendan Logue, Manager – Executive Search for Chandler Macleod explains, the basis of our approach is:

“Would you be comfortable asking your best customer, most influential stakeholder or shareholder to take part in the application, screening and assessment process?”

If the answer is no, then consider whether you need to partner with a specialist who has the resources and capability to effectively steward critically skilled, time-poor talent through a positive and fair process of discovery.

If you're looking to improve your candidate journey email our expert team at to see how we can assist.

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