Six Ways to Successful Goal Setting in 2020

Six Ways To Successful Goal Setting In 2020 Blog Image

Instead of one ‘New Years Resolution’ which we often forget about before the end of March, it can be better to start the new year with actionable goals! So how do we set goals that will stick? Here’s how.

Make your goals SMART

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By making your goals SMART they will be easier to track, commit to and achieve. You may have an overarching goal such as paying $4,000 of debt or increasing customer satisfaction by 30% this year. Or it might be more personal like exercising at least 3 times a week. You can then go on to make any of these goals SMART:

S: How exactly are you planning to achieve this goal? What needs to be done in order for you to get started?

M: How will you measure the goal? Is there reporting available? Will you have to document your progress?

A: Is it achievable? What might have to change to make it attainable?

R: Is it relevant? Will you care about this goal all year round? Will you be motivated to work towards this goal even when it is difficult?

T: When will you accomplish this goal? Will you keep any positive habits after completing your goal?

Write them down

Write down your goals and re-visit them by making notes at a designated time depending on your goal. This may happen once per week or once every three weeks. This helps you to keep motivated especially in times where you might want to just forget about your goals. It can also help you to realise what you have contributed so far and re-evaluate any steps going forward. By writing down your goals you are ultimately kept accountable for the promise you have made to yourself.

Make note of mini goals along the way and celebrate them

When writing down your goals, break them down, you can use the SMART method or go even deeper and break it down in other ways. When you have achieved some of your smaller goals treat yourself! The treat can be whatever you feel is appropriate but ensure that you revel in small successes for a moment. This can help motivate you to keep going.

Set reminders

If your goal is something that needs to be actively worked on, or something that you might forget about during busy periods, make sure to set alarms/reminders. Sometimes it’s easy to de-prioritise our goals in lieu of more pressing matters but it can make a huge difference to just set just 30 minutes or an hour to actively work on your goals during the week.

Don’t compare your progress!

One of the most anti-inspirational things you could do is comparing where you are, with where someone else is. Even if you had the exact same goal, which is not always likely, different people work in different ways and often have different priorities and outside factors that contribute to the progress of goals. Just focus on you and what you’re achieving. Don’t be discouraged by someone else doing better, in fact, let it inspire you! Hey, if they’re doing it, so can you!

Don’t be deterred by failures or setbacks

Not every step along the way is going to be a win. Sometimes the progress will go backwards or stand still. Sometimes you’ll make a mistake, or something won’t go your way. But that’s all okay. Learn from every misstep and take it in your stride. You can achieve anything your put your mind to by overcoming obstacles and maintaining your effort.

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