Insights in Executive Recruitment; Global Talent Acquisition

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Chandler Macleod Executive have several major differences in the market which we will be exploring over the coming months. This month we look at how we are uniquely placed to support Australian employers to identify and attract Australian talent from overseas.

Having placed people on five continents Brendan Logue, Manager of Chandler Macleod’s executive search practice here in Australia offers the following insights:

“Australia has in relative terms a small job market with few multinational head offices. As a result, a significant portion of the truly world class talent produced domestically ends up overseas. While often beneficial for the individual and their career the impact on the supply side of the domestic market for specialist and executive level talent is a real challenge facing many Australian employers.”

Global recruitment of executive talent

Chandler Macleod are part of Recruit Holdings Co, Ltd – the 4th largest staffing company in the world. With our global network of over 250 offices operating in over 60 countries we can provide you with access to world class capability located in markets well beyond Australia’s shores.

Brendan shares his insights around understanding the key motivational drivers of your candidate pool so that you can effectively attract the right people no matter where they are located.

“It is absolutely critical to understand candidate drivers because many returning executives face the prospect of a reduction in the scale of their role and the requisite pay cut.”

So why would they move?

“In our experience non-work-related drivers dominate this segment of the market.”

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