Don’t Leave your Career up to Chance: tips for designing your career

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Many of us see accountants to plan out our finances, visit doctors and dentists for preventative checks, and even sign up to boot camps with trainers to keep our fitness in check! But how many of us have a plan for one of the most important (and time consuming) aspects of our life – our career?

We should all be asking why not? After all isn’t your career the underlying foundation of your wealth, your quality of life and your lifestyle?  Isn’t it important enough to take time to plan for it, shape and mold it to deliver the value you want? Designing your career, like designing your life, is personal.  It is based on your unique skills, interests and capabilities matched to the current market and the opportunities it presents.

Important questions to ask yourself:

  • Are my unique skills, interests and capabilities matched to the current market and opportunities? (Am I employable?)

  • Am I drifting along in my career not taking stock of my skills and their relevance to the wider market?

  • How would I be placed if there were to be an ‘out of the blue’ redundancy or I suddenly found I wanted to move jobs?

How to design your career:

  • Take stock each year of your career, your job, your ambitions, the relevance of your current skill set, and how you are going to sustain and enhance your employability the coming year.

  • Make an appointment with a career coach: They will help you reflect, design, strategise and plan your career, as well as support you to implement your plans and keep you on track.

  • Do an annual review of your career plan and progress or lack of it, blockages and new opportunities can help you to evaluate where you are and where to go next. 

With a clear plan in hand, your new-found career confidence will help to put you in the driver seat and be selective about where you focus your efforts to ensure they deliver maximal career advantage to you and deliver the outcomes and return on investment you are looking for.

Chandler Macleod People Insights offer both individual as well as corporate career planning initiatives. The “Managing Your Career” workshop can be a positive personal development option that organisations can offer their employees. This workshop helps with focus and motivation to drive performance and succession planning which is a win-win for both individuals and businesses.

For more information or to book a Career Transition Coach please email us or call 1300 664 305

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