Chandler Macleod Partners Beon to Unleash a Diverse, Local Workforce on one of Australia’s Largest Solar Farms


Chandler Macleod group are proud to have been involved in developing a truly diverse and local workforce in partnership with Beon Energy Solutions and Mildura Rural City Council on what will be one of Victoria’s largest solar farms (112MW).

Sunlight is a major source of renewable energy, and harnessing this energy is of growing importance to Australia given the environmental benefits in cutting down on traditional fossil fuels.  It should come as no surprise then, that it is one of the fastest growing energy sectors as a global source of power1. The Victorian farm is remotely located in North West Victoria, is Australia’s top solar spot due to a combination of the state’s highest solar exposure and highest average sunshine hours.

With growth comes opportunity, in this case, an opportunity to unleash the potential of a diverse workforce with the capability to deliver this massive solar farm development. We were tasked with recruiting and employing a diverse and strictly local workforce of over 200 people. To create this diversity, we partnered with six local community groups to deliver a skilled and local workforce.

Our focus was to recruit local skilled workers from a variety of different backgrounds inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, mature-aged workers, long-term unemployed and female workers (traditionally challenging in a male dominated construction industry). We are delighted to report that we delivered a truly diverse and skilled workforce:

  • 24% aged over 45 years

  • 5% female and

  • 17% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background

Local key stakeholders have acknowledged to Beon that Chandler Macleod are leading the marketplace in the delivery and management of strong, diverse, local workforces by working closely with the local communities.

This week Beon welcomed Minister Lily D’Ambrosio to their solar farm in sunny Mildura where she toured the site and met with the workforce and engaged the traineeships and electrical apprenticeships program Chandler Macleod developed with Beon, Sunraysia TAFE and Sarina Russo.

Ms D’Ambrosio said:

“The Karadoc solar farm is a great example of a renewable energy project delivering cleaner energy, local jobs and economic growth.”

Chandler Macleod are delighted with the ongoing success of this partnership with Beon and are looking forward to unleashing more local talent potential across Australia’s burgeoning solar farm industry.

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