At Chandler Macleod Group our goal is to provide quality human resource solutions.

In consultation with our customers, we set out clear standards of service and performance and apply ourselves every day to meet or exceed our commitments.

By incorporating the needs of our stakeholders into our business systems and processes, we are able to measure performance regularly, based on metrics and customer feedback. This drives us to instil high standards, respond to any deficiencies and continuously improve.

Chandler Macleod maintains a formal quality management system based on, and certified to ISO 9001. The objectives of our quality management system are to:

  • Regularly monitor and review our performance for continual improvement, effectiveness and suitability for the benefit of our customers.

  • Ensure that we consistently meet the requirements of our customers, as well as all regulatory and legislative bodies.

  • Create an environment of motivation, respect and integrity fostering development of staff competencies, creativity, empowerment and accountability through education and training.

  • Ensure that our systems and business processes are communicated, understood and implemented company-wide to enable our people to deliver work and a level of service we can be proud of.

  • Clearly assigning responsibilities and communicating to ensure all our people understand how they contribute to our quality management system.

  • Review our Quality Policy, Objectives and Plans on an annual basis.

This policy applies to Chandler Macleod branded businesses in Australia.

Peter Acheson
Chief Executive Officer
March 2019