What is BestFit™?

​The formula is: Behaviour = Fn (Personality • Environment)

Chandler Macleod's approach to recruitment and human resource solutions involves identifying the most effective mix of talent from local, regional and international sources, and drawing from our proprietary candidate database, regional and global talent pools, as well as sourcing candidates through integrated, proactive marketing.

At the core of our recruitment and selection process is our BestFit™ methodology, tailored to the needs of every position at every level of every organisation.

Partnering with Chandler Macleod as your recruitment agency means you have access to our human resource management expertise, which covers a wide range of industries, both industrial and non-industrial. Thanks to our experienced recruitment consultants, we can also source candidates for various types of roles including contingent, temporary, permanent and contract. We offer a full array of recruitment services, so you won't need to engage a separate temporary recruitment agency.

Every consultant at Chandler Macleod is BestFit Accredited which helps them predict and understand behavior’s through BestFit Assessments such as Helix. By understanding your needs and the requirements of the role; our consultants use our BestFit Assessment tools to provide you with confidence in your hiring by delving deeper beyond a resume and reference checks

BestFit™ Psychometric Assessments

Chandler Macleod's proprietary BestFit™ methodology underpins our candidate selection, recruitment and development process. We recognise the standard procedures around resumes, interviews, and reference checks doesn't provide enough accurate information for successful selection of the BestFit™ candidate for a role or organisation. Assessing candidates as part of your recruitment process will not only provide you with surety in your decision making, it improves the long term performance and retention of employees based on a formula that ensures the right fit between the person and the environment.

It's said that a company's greatest asset is its people. But if you don't have the right people, the real potential of the business is not unleashed.

Chandler Macleod was built on psychometric assessment of employees and candidates to ensure we plan for, source, assess, develop and manage the best possible people for the role, organisation and environment. Our BestFit™ formula has not only stood the test of time but is even more applicable in today's complex workplace.

Put simply, a person's behaviour is a function of who they are, their skills and temperament, combined with the environment in which they work. The environment includes elements such as the job they do, the complexity and scope of the role and the climate and culture of the organisation.

recruitment methodology

BestFit™ recruitment includes an objective assessment of whether a person possesses each of the following:

  • The necessary skills, abilities and experience to perform the job to the required standard

  • The right level of motivation to do the job

  • The personality type to fit within the broader culture of the organisation

Our objective is to find the candidate who is the 'Best Fit' for the position, team and the organisational culture; thereby increasing not only the performance level in that position, but also the average level of performance across the organisation. This effectively maximises engagement and productivity while decreasing costs associated with turnover and poor performance.

Bestfit Process

  • Job Brief
    • Understand role

    • Working environment

    • Culture

  • Job Analysis
    • Determine role requirements

    • Essential qualities and competencies

    • Essential skills

  • Assessment
    • Determine experience

    • Understand behaviour and motivation

    • Assess cognitive ability

    • Test skills

    • Assessment that is selected depends on the role and purpose

  • Interpret Results
    • Do they have the right skills?

    • Does their personal style match the requirements of the role?

    • Will they be able to do the job well?

    • Will they fit the culture?

  • Deliver BestFit™
    • Person has the right mix of skills, behavioural preferences, and experience to do the job well

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