Workforce Planning Services

Plan for tomorrow's workforce, today

Workforce planning is about helping you to shape your workforce to ensure that it’s capable of delivering your organisational objectives – now and into the future. At Chandler Macleod Group, we assist clients in aligning human resource strategies within a strategic planning framework to continually deliver the right people in the right places at the right time. This approach enables our clients who face intense competition for talent to achieve successful business outcomes and cope with rapidly changing market conditions.

Our tailored workforce planning solutions will assist you to:

  • Anticipate the impact of labour market trends on your workforce
  • Identify your top talent in critical job roles and ensure you have a plan in place to attract and retain them
  • Enable you to effectively budget for the human component of your strategic growth plans
  • Establish the workforce composition required to meet your immediate and longer-term requirements
  • Facilitate rapid and strategic response to change – expected or unexpected
  • Protect corporate memory and mitigate the risk of IP loss through targeted succession planning
  • Deliver clear governance and consistent reporting to external stakeholders
  • Identify which skills and occupations within your organisation are at risk of turnover, will require retraining or upskilling, or will require additional talent acquisition
  • Identify opportunities for cost reductions in non-core labour force.

Organisational Design

Organisational Design enables effective delivery of business strategies through alignment of people and organisational structures. It can be applied to the whole of an organisation, a department, a team or an individual role level.  At Chandler Macleod Group, we can assist you to review your organisational design, which is particularly relevant when setting a new business strategy, looking to restructure because of a merger or acquisition, introducing new products or services, or responding to a change in the economy.

Perm / Temp Planning

Perm/temp planning assesses the most effective composition of permanent and temporary employees to achieve an organisation’s goals. It considers future objectives and growth plans, flexibility requirements to scale the workforce up or down and the attraction factors for individual role types. Through our Perm / Temp Planning services, we’ll help you to achieve improved efficiencies, be better able to respond to changing economic conditions and attract the best talent by offering a strategically planned perm/temp strategy.

Skills Requirements

As part of our Workforce Planning process, skills requirements identifies the skills and occupations within your organisation that are at risk of turnover, will require retraining or upskilling, or will require additional talent acquisition to achieve short or long term objectives.

Job Analysis

Following an assessment of skills requirements, we review the component parts of job roles and any areas of overlap across roles, resulting in competency or success profiles that can be used in recruitment, selection, assessment and development of high performing employees.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning involves a review of the most critical roles in your organisation and implementing plans to ensure productivity and intellectual property is not lost should critical roles become vacant. This process provides you with more certainty about the future and ability to ensure continued productivity and take new business opportunities regardless of personnel changes.


When high demand, specialist skills are going to be needed over an ongoing period of time, sequencing allows Chandler Macleod (and our client) to secure this talent for multiple projects and locations. (For example, in the mining and energy sector, specialists will be required for the construction or decommissioning phases of mining projects occurring in different locations.)

Max Term Employment

Through our Max Term Employment service, we offer permanent employment to our contingent workforce for a particular role and for a specified length of time to mitigate the risks of unfilled client shifts, costs of overtime and potential retraining of replacement employees.


At Chandler Macleod Group, we work with our clients to provide the ability to maximise efficiencies in large scale projects and across multiple sites through planning and balancing a flexible workforce to fit their requirements.

Seasonality and phased projects benefit from the ability to scale the size of the workforce up and down to meet variations in demand, achieve cost savings and be responsive to changes in the economy.

Downscaling / Downsizing

A downturn in the economy, restructures, mergers and new business strategies can all be catalysts for a client to downsize their workforce. We work with our clients to effectively manage the downscaling process to prevent legal risks and a decline in productivity from the employees who are left behind.


When you partner with Chandler Macleod Group, we take responsibility for ensuring critical experts and contractors are on location when required, through the management of factors including rosters, work schedules, travel and accommodation.

Talent Mapping

After reviewing our client’s strategic objectives and current talent pool, we draw on our industry experience and a variety of research sources to map the talent needed over the short and longer term. This is a particularly important process when clients are experiencing skills shortages, high turnover, new growth or a change in strategic direction.



Skills Profile

Chandler Macleod’s Skills Profiles provide job seekers with job market information, trends, forecasts, salary data and top hiring criteria for different occupations and sectors.

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