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Today’s competitive landscape requires a strategic approach to identifying and sourcing critical talent. Organisations can no longer rely on traditional human resource services and channels, and the need to source skills from the global labour pool is becoming an increasing reality for businesses in Australia.

Chandler Macleod’s approach to recruitment and human resource solutions involves identifying the most effective mix of talent from local, regional and international sources, and drawing from our proprietary candidate database, regional and global talent pools, as well as sourcing candidates through integrated, proactive marketing.

At the core of our recruitment and selection process is our BestFit™ methodology, tailored to the needs of every position at every level of every organisation. 

Partnering with Chandler Macleod as your recruitment agency means you have access to our human resource management expertise, which covers a wide range of industries, both industrial and non-industrial. Thanks to our experienced recruitment consultants, we can also source candidates for various types of roles including contingent, temporary, permanent and contract. We offer a full array of recruitment services, so you won’t need to engage a separate temporary recruitment agency.

Temporary, Contract and Permanent Staffing and Recruitment Services:

Temporary / Contingent Recruitment Clients who experience seasonal demand for products and services and who experience temporary gaps in their workforce capability will benefit from a temporary workforce that can be available at short notice and scaled up or down to meet requirements. Read More >
Contract Recruitment Through our contract recruitment solutions, clients can overcome peaks and troughs in a project’s lifecycle and provide access to qualified specialists that may be outside their network, simplifying management of individual contractors. Contractors themselves benefit from the flexibility of varied term placements and access to a wider variety of opportunities.
Permanent Recruitment Our permanent recruitment process sources both industrial and non-industrial permanent roles. Our assessment and selection methodology is underpinned by BestFit™ processes and includes the following stages: job design/definition, awareness/advertising, screening, interviewing, shortlisting, client interviews, assessment, reference checks, offer negotiation and onboarding and induction. 
Global Talent Pool Sourcing & Management At Chandler Macleod Group, we have international offices and affiliate partners across the globe, allowing us to source the BestFit™ candidates for each hard to fill role. This helps clients who need to overcome skills shortages that are unable to be sourced locally, for meeting diversity goals and finding the best match between skills, education and temperament for particular roles. Our quality assured processes and experience in recruitment ensures our focus is on delivering the right people for the right roles in a fair and ethical manner.
Behavioural Interviewing Behavioural interviewing is a structured interview technique that Chandler Macleod uses to collect information about past behaviour as a predictor of future behaviours. Each question helps our interviewers to learn about past performance in a skill area that is critical to success in the new position and is either hypothetical or based on historical examples. Behavioural Interviewing is critical to our BestFit™ methodology for sourcing.
Verification Verification is an important part of our recruitment process, which involves confirming qualifications and competencies that are relevant to our clients’ role. Senior and executive roles require a more in depth verification process, but all recruitment has a minimum component of verification such as BestFit™ reference checks to assess behavioural attributes. Verification tools may include reference checks, criminal history and police checks and others, depending on the specific requirements for the role.
BestFit™ Psychometric Assessments Chandler Macleod’s proprietary BestFit™ methodology underpins our candidate selection, recruitment and development process. We recognise the standard approach of resume + interview + reference check doesn’t provide enough accurate information for successful selection of the BestFit™ candidate for a role or organisation. Assessing candidates as part of your recruitment process will not only provide you with surety in your decision making, it improves the long term performance and retention of employees based on a formula that ensures the right fit between the person and the environment. Read More >
Pre-employment Medicals We know that the health and safety of your workforce is paramount — both for the wellbeing of your employees and the long term productivity of your business. Chandler Macleod assessment and onboarding services include providing a range of pre-employment medical assessments, delivered in our conveniently located medical centres. We can also mobilise accredited staff to provide Drug & Alcohol screening servicesacross a range of locations nationally. Read more about our Pre-employment Medical centres and our Mobile Drug & Alcohol screening services. Read More > 
Unbundled HR We understand there are parts of the hiring process that you can handle, and there are those where you could use a hand. An unbundled service offering means you only pay for what you need. Chandler Macleod provides a tailored service offering approach to the complete recruitment process that’s specific to the needs at each level of your organisation, ranging from automated assessments for high volume requirements and semi-skilled roles, through to premium assessments for senior executives. Read More > 
Acquisition strategies Rather than only using traditional methods for sourcing talent, we work with our clients to develop a tailored acquisition strategy, taking into consideration traditional and emerging techniques to attract suitable candidates for the role and the industry. A tailored acquisition strategy will be specific to the role and scale of the project to attract the right mix of potential candidates for a role, recruit specialist positions, deliver large scale projects, or to employ a unique approach for a sourcing project. The key to our approach is research—understanding the availability and location of specific skill sets and the education and current employment terms of people in similar roles.
Indigenous Employment Programs Chandler Macleod’s Indigenous Employment Solutions have a focus on Indigenous Recruitment, Retention, and Development. Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Recruitment Specialists have industry leading expertise and work with organisations to develop and implement Reconciliation Action Plans, Indigenous Employment Programs, and develop ‘culturally safe’ workplaces. Read More > 
Executive Sourcing At Chandler Macleod Group, we specialise in sourcing standout senior executive talent for a permanent position, or interim leadership for a special purpose, such as change management, gap management or project management. Replacing a senior executive could be the most important decision a client makes and can be the difference between lifting productivity and taking business opportunities and the cultural and competitive risks resulting from a wrong fit. Read More >
Graduate Recruitment Programs We partner with clients from various industries to develop a program to effectively compete for, attract and retain emerging graduate talent. Our Registered Psychologists develop a success profile to determine the skills and competencies that will help clients source the right graduate talent, which then informs the tailored recruitment strategy. Our online application and psychometric testing are equipped to manage high volumes of candidates, while assessment centres provide and additional insight into selecting the BestFit™ candidates. Read More >

From contract recruitment agency to psychometric assessment provider, our wide variety of offered services means we have helped many clients in different ways. 

If you are seeking comprehensive, flexible and varied human resource consulting services based on years of experience and cutting-edge techniques, choose Chandler Macleod. 


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From contract recruitment agency to psychometric assessment provider, our wide variety of offered services means we have helped many clients in different ways. If you are seeking comprehensive, flexible and varied human resource consulting services based on years of experience and cutting-edge techniques, choose a HR and recruitment company that can make a difference – choose Chandler Macleod. We also have offices in all major locations around Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, so get in touch today.


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