Psychometric Testing and Cognitive Ability Test

Assess the potential of individuals, teams and your organisation

Psychometric testing and assessments help organisations deliver ongoing success and achieve sustainable competitive advantage by ensuring their people and culture are aligned with their goals and objectives. These tests feature a number of questions and exercises that are designed to assess and identify a candidate’s personality, abilities and values. 

Through our psychometric assessment solutions, Chandler Macleod can help you take the first step towards achieving this by identifying BestFit™ individuals to join your company, analysing areas for employee development, measuring team effectiveness and evaluating organisational culture, HR frameworks and your workforce structure.

Chandler Macleod is both Australia’s largest single administrator of traditional and online assessments and one of the largest private employers of Registered Psychologists in the country. We offer a range of bespoke Psychometric Assessment solutions to suit every role and organisation. Unlike other assessment providers we are vendor neutral.

Our Registered Psychologists prescribe the most appropriate assessment based on your requirements using a combination of psychometric assessment tests developed by global assessment providers as well as our own proprietary assessment tools. We also provide standard and custom reporting options including reports written by our Registered Psychologists.

Psychometric Testing for Individuals, Teams and Organisations

Built on the psychometric testing of individuals, Chandler Macleod Group has unparalleled experience in understanding people’s behaviours, key motivations, limitations and development opportunities. Services we provide for individuals include Assessments for BestFit™ Recruitment, Professional Development, 360 Degree Surveys, Graduates. 

Our Team Effectiveness model measures the strengths and weaknesses of a team and its ability to deliver high performance results. Assessing team effectiveness is beneficial when creating a new team or merging teams, overcoming conflict or looking to improve overall performance and productivity of teams. Products and services for team assessments include: Team Effectiveness Measures, Team & Team Member Personality Profiling, and Executive Team and Board Reviews

If you are finding that your company culture is lacking a common mindset, which negatively affects your bottom line, or if you believe your people have the potential to do better, chances are that your organisational culture needs to be addressed. Organisational culture is the personality of an organisation and rather than allow a culture to be established by default, we believe that the smartest organisations design and shape their culture to have the greatest chance of success.


Psychometric Testing for Candidate BestfitTM Recruitment

Chandler Macleod’s proprietary BestFit™ methodology underpins our candidate selection, recruitment and development process. We recognise the standard approach of resume + interview + reference check doesn’t provide enough accurate information for successful selection of the BestFit™ candidate for a role or organisation. Conducting psychometric testing for candidates as part of your recruitment process will not only provide you with surety in yo READ MORE

Vendor Neutral Assessment Platforms

As a vendor neutral assessment provider, the breadth of assessments we utilise includes both proprietary tools unique to Chandler Macleod Group, as well as leading international tools.

Our Assessment for Selection and Development tools and methods are tailored to your specific needs at each level of your organisation, ranging from automated assessments for high volume requirements and semi-skilled roles, through to premium assessments for senior executives. 

Blended Assessments are a combination of Premium and Automated Assessments. Being most suited to middle management and graduate positions, blended Assessments provide the efficiencies of automated assessment, combined with psychologist interpretation of key considerations for the role, the team and the environment - useful for selection, onboarding and performance management of the individual.

Chandler Macleod’s Assessment Gateway

Chandler Macleod’s Assessment Gateway, the first of its kind in Australia, is an online platform enabling you to streamline the purchase of tailored assessments to a single transaction. Assessment Gateway also lets you control distribution and managent of online psychometric tests, using Chandler Macleod’s proprietary tools and those of other leading providers from across the globe.


Assessments That You Can Trust

Chandler Macleod has its origins in the world of assessment, and our track record of working with major companies goes back more than 50 years. Our dedicated Research & Development team invest significant time in evaluating new products as they become available to ensure that our registered psychologists can recommend the best assessment methods for each client. Speak with someone from our team today to find out more. 



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Chandler Macleod’s Skills Profiles provide job seekers with job market information, trends, forecasts, salary data and top hiring criteria for different occupations and sectors.

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