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As one of Australia’s largest providers of contingent and permanent staff, Chandler Macleod is in the business of improving workplace productivity and developing effective cost models through strategic services.

Whether your focus is on transforming your entire business or on sustaining performance and building on today’s achievements, Chandler Macleod's outsourcing services can help you accelerate towards your goals. We deliver inspiring people and process solutions that underpin superior organisational performance with a flexible structure that is completely tailored to your desired outcomes.

Many organisations are facing important short term challenges, such as reducing costs and current financial risks, but it is equally important to consider core business, performance improvement and risk management opportunities that will drive growth and operating efficiencies for the longer term and create a stronger competitive position.

The superior competence and capabilities of our team results in the delivery of cost-effective, practical outsourcing solutions in the areas of:

Our Services

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

At Chandler Macleod Group, we partner with clients to manage the operation and delivery of activities or functions that are non-core to their business, such as customer contact centres, data entry and processing, technical field services, venue and event management, finance and administration.

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)

Through our HRO services, we allow companies to focus on core business activities while our specialist HR function manages the strategic, risk and compliance activities that time pressures restrict in day to day activities. We have reduced hiring costs and time to hire by 25-50% through redesign of recruitment methodology and onboarding.

Managed Training Services (MTS)

Managed Training Services take care of all administration and vendor management for company or division wide training programs. Training and development programs require an extensive investment of time from learning and development teams to select providers and manage all enrolments, administration and invoicing. By outsourcing this function, L&D teams can focus on more strategic HR activities and deliver greater efficiencies and cost reductions.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our RPO solutions help clients looking to control recruitment spending, improve retention and own the database of candidates (rather than CMG). Clients can have confidence that the best possible candidates are being selected, not just the best available candidates.

Managed Accommodation Services

Hotels, serviced apartments and aged care providers can direct energy to revenue generating goals, such as increasing occupancy and average rates, while Chandler Macleod’s AHS division delivers quality, cost savings, training programs and a scalable workforce.

Managed Aged Care Health Services

Outsourcing health services to Chandler Macleod’s VIVIR division allows facilities to provide services on a per needs basis to patients and families in need, which is a lower cost, higher care alternative to in-house clinicians. Clients with high care needs can benefit from the level of expertise and availability of such expertise in a skill short sector.

Information Technology Outsourcing & Consulting

Implementing a new IT system can enable new business opportunities, streamline processes or replace outdated systems with limited capabilities. However, this process can be labour intensive and technical—involving escalating human resource costs, a shift in focus from core business and increased costs from project delays. By outsourcing this process to our specialist developers and consultants, you can achieve on time, on budget and on purpose solutions.

Vendor Managed System

Through our Vendor Managed System, clients with multiple HR suppliers and systems can achieve one view of all suppliers to transparently review the strengths and weaknesses of each supplier, ensure contractor compliance with safety and mandated processes, increase automation and enable the client to retain the candidate database.



Skills Profile

Chandler Macleod’s Skills Profiles provide job seekers with job market information, trends, forecasts, salary data and top hiring criteria for different occupations and sectors.

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