Managed Workforces

Identifying and delivering on opportunities in a complex environment of legislation, market volatility and risk management requires an experienced approach to navigate the hurdles and drive growth – to help you focus on what you do best.

Chandler Macleod’s Managed Services are designed to deliver bottom line results while you to deliver on your core business promise.

Our services include:

Outsourcing Services

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

At Chandler Macleod Group, we partner with clients to manage the operation and delivery of activities or functions that are non-core to their business, such as customer contact centres, data entry and processing, technical field services, venue and event management, finance and administration.

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)

Through our HRO services, we allow companies to focus on core business activities while our specialist HR function manages the strategic, risk and compliance activities that time pressures restrict in day to day activities. We have reduced hiring costs and time to hire by 25-50% through redesign of recruitment methodology and onboarding.

Managed Training Services (MTS)

Managed Training Services take care of all administration and vendor management for company or division wide training programs. Training and development programs require an extensive investment of time from learning and development teams to select providers and manage all enrolments, administration and invoicing. By outsourcing this function, L&D teams can focus on more strategic HR activities and deliver greater efficiencies and cost reductions.


Managed Accommodation Services

Hotels, serviced apartments and aged care providers can direct energy to revenue generating goals, such as increasing occupancy and average rates, while Chandler Macleod’s AHS division delivers quality, cost savings, training programs and a scalable workforce.

Managed Aged Care Health Services

Outsourcing health services to Chandler Macleod’s VIVIR division allows facilities to provide services on a per needs basis to patients and families in need, which is a lower cost, higher care alternative to in-house clinicians. Clients with high care needs can benefit from the level of expertise and availability of such expertise in a skill short sector.

Information Technology Outsourcing & Consulting

Implementing a new IT system can enable new business opportunities, streamline processes or replace outdated systems with limited capabilities. However, this process can be labour intensive and technical—involving escalating human resource costs, a shift in focus from core business and increased costs from project delays. By outsourcing this process to our specialist developers and consultants, you can achieve on time, on budget and on purpose solutions.


Vendor Managed System

Through our Vendor Managed System, clients with multiple HR suppliers and systems can achieve one view of all suppliers to transparently review the strengths and weaknesses of each supplier, ensure contractor compliance with safety and mandated processes, increase automation and enable the client to retain the candidate database.

Technology Solutions

HR and Payroll Technology (HRIS)

Working on different payroll and human resource information systems can create inefficiencies in managing people and payroll functions. Chandler Macleod Group’s HR and Payroll information system, Aurion, provides a single view of the workforce and makes it easier to move people into the right roles, replicate high impact talent processes, track support and retain employees.

Technology Solutions: HR & Payroll Information Systems  (HRIS)

HR and Payroll Technology (HRIS)

What is it
Aurion is a fully integrated, whole of business human resource and payroll solution that integrates with the employee life cycle—from onboarding to exit management processes.

How it can help your organisation
Working on different payroll and human resource information systems can create inefficiencies in managing people and payroll functions. Aurion provides a single view of the workforce and makes it easier to move people into the right roles, replicate high impact talent processes, and track support and retain employees.

What we do
Aurion offers three delivery options, including: in house solution (Aurion HRIS installed on client’s infrastructure and managed internally); hosted (Aurion hosts the software and the client manages processing); and outsourced services (Aurion hosts the software and delivers full or specific processing on behalf of the client).

Our team of specialists behind your solution
Aurion , Chandler Macleod Group’s HR & Payroll Technology specialists, who have been developing and deploying HR and Payroll information systems for over 26 years.

Contact your nearest CMG branch or Aurion directly on 1300 287466 to discuss our flexible HRIS options.

Works well with
Change Management.

Client Engagement Services

Payroll for External Employees

When managing flexible rosters and the requirements of a contingent workforce, Chandler Macleod Group’s Payroll for external employees allows our clients to focus on core business rather than spending time on staffing administration.

DWMQ (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly) Client Relationship Management

At Chandler Macleod Group, we understand that all successful client relationships are underpinned by regular, useful and transparent communication and the quick resolution of issues. That’s why we insist on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly communication with our clients.

Performance & Contract Compliance Reporting

Chandler Macleod Group provides quantitative reporting to meet contractual and engagement obligations for contracted clients. Reporting can include sales, numbers of candidates working, temp hours, fill rates, overtime and OHS statistics.

Rostering, Time & Attendance (RosTA)

RosTA is Chandler Macleod’s software tool for managing the rostering, time and attendance for clients with large workforces. Particularly when managing a contingent or large workforce for a client, RosTA provides greater visibility on the availability of human resources, allowing us to improve workforce utilisation and save time and administration costs.

Talent Management

Employment Admin & Induction

Each member of the Chandler Macleod talent pool receives an in depth induction prior to every assignment. We manage all aspects of administration including payroll, rostering and induction. As part of our service to clients, we cut the time and costs involved in induction and onboarding of new employees, ensuring that all legislative requirements are met and that the candidate is ready to start work on day one.

Work Health & Safety

At Chandler Macleod Group, our team develop and manage safety plans and standards, OHS assessments and process compliance, injury management, return to work consulting, safety inductions, toolbox talks and communicate safety announcements and initiatives to ensure a continuing focus on best practice care of our employees.

Retention Strategy

Partnering with Chandler Macleod Group to develop your retention strategies will improve your organisation’s productivity and maximise the amount of time that permanent, temporary and external employees remain in a role, avoiding rehire, training and onboarding costs. Clients with hard to fill roles and high turnover need a deliberate and strategic retention strategy, built around a strategic Employee Value Proposition.



Skills Profile

Chandler Macleod’s Skills Profiles provide job seekers with job market information, trends, forecasts, salary data and top hiring criteria for different occupations and sectors.

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