Consulting for Human Resources Recruitment 

Providing the people to help your business adapt to change

As organisations re-align their structure to achieve current and future goals in a changing economic environment, it is important to consider the skills and people required to implement change effectively. Decisions relating to human resources are some of the most critical that your company can make. 

With 1,000 full-time internal employees, 13,000 employees working on client sites each week across the globe and 57 years of experience in planning, sourcing, assessing, developing and managing talent, you could say that Chandler Macleod know the human resources space inside and out.

A large number of our specialists have worked not just as recruiters, but also within the industry itself. This means our HR recruitment team has the networks, understanding, and confidence to locate the experts you require quickly, in order to help your business adapt to change.

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Our HR recruitment experts source the complete range of HR professions, including:

  • General Manager HR
  • General Manager of Organisational Development
  • HR Officer
  • Training Manager
  • Change Manager
  • Recruitment and Resources Officer
  • HR Adviser
  • Learning and Development Manager/Consultant
  • Remuneration and Benefits Coordinator
  • Organisational Development Consultant
  • Work Health and Safety Manager

The right fit through the right understanding

The right HR professionals can make all the difference to the long-term culture in your organisation. The challenges of skills utilisation, succession planning, culture and leadership development and career transition require an experienced professional with flexibility, sensitivity and a strategic long term view.

Chandler Macleod’s specialist Human Resources Staffing Services team partner with our clients to provide long-term people solutions, retention tactics and succession strategies to enable effective long-term workforce development. Our professional HR recruitment teams have plenty of experience in creating custom-made recruitment strategies, including:

  • Original sourcing approaches, using our global network
  • Functional and behavioural assessments, security and health checks as required
  • Capability-based and behavioural interviews and reference checks
  • Retention and candidate assistance strategies. 

BestFit™ people, every time

Our candidate screening is the most comprehensive amongst those of other recruitment agencies, and includes individual skill, behavioural and competency assessments, in line with your specific needs.

We use a number of innovative appraisal tools, evaluations and tactics to make sure that the candidates we select as part of our staffing services are BestFit™ candidates, both from a technical and a behavioural point of view.

Our aim is to find the applicant who is the best fit for the vacancy and the organisation, thereby bettering not only the performance level in that role, but also the average level of performance observed through the organisation.

Client Resources

Gain access to our white papers, blog and news articles to learn about the latest topics in Human Resources. We aim to provide both candidates and clients with the information that allows them to make intelligent and considered decisions, thereby helping their careers and organisations.

Read our bi-annual HR Employment Market Update for insight on job market conditions, permanent and contract pay rates and employment trends.

We also have a broad collection of Skills Profiles for a versatile range of occupations, each of which includes information on latest market conditions, trends and forecasts. The below Human Resources skills profiles are available:

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With years of experience, tried and true recruitment approaches, Chandler Macleod is one of the country’s leading HR recruitment agencies. We have offices in locations right across the country, from Newcastle to Brisbane and Perth to Darwin. If you would like to learn more about our recruitment services, contact us today.

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