Psychometric Assessment for talent selection.

The right people, every time.

Hiring great talent is a critical task that requires more than intuition. Ineffective hiring can cost an employer between 50%-60% of an employee’s salary. With CMPI’s psychometric assessments, you can:

  • Gain the deepest insights so you can build a comprehensive and objective view of potential candidates’ personality traits, behavioural styles, cognitive abilities and motivations

  • Accurately predict on-the-job performance with science-based tools

  • Make informed decisions that will drive high performance and reduce the risk of mis-hires

Psychometric Assessment for talent development.

Identifying development opportunities is easy with our psychometric assessment tools and surveys.

  • Empower your people through actionable insight

  • Laser-focus your development efforts on the areas that will make the most impact

  • Benchmark your results and easily track progress over time

Drive your people strategy with data

Insights that fuel better decisions

Equipped with scientific data and powerful predictive models, you’ll have the intelligence necessary to attract, select, motivate and develop your people.

We provide a range of reports which we can tailor to your needs

1. Premium Report

Full Psychologist/Accredited Consultant written report, evaluating data from multiple assessment methods including demonstrated behaviour data from capability centres and simulations, emotional intelligence, leadership preferences and leadership derailers. Recommendations tailored to the organisation and role, outlining strengths, challenges and role fit.

2. Comprehensive Report

Full Psychologist/Accredited Consultant written report with in-depth analysis of personality with hiring recommendation, written in accordance with the role’s position description. The report highlights areas of strength and areas of development; includes a management guide, recommended interview and reference checking questions.

3. Impact Report

This report includes an automated personality competency report aligned to 5-7 role specific competencies, including overview, detailed interpretation, performance enhancing/limiting factors and interview questions. A psychologist one-page summary with hiring recommendation is also included within the report.

4. On Demand Report

With an immediate turnaround following assessment completion, this automated personality report is aligned to 5-7 role specific competencies, including overview, detailed interpretation, performance enhancing/limiting factors and interview questions

We can provide tools across a range of assessment types

Personality Assessment

Personality assessment explores the extent to which an individual’s behavioural preferences, motivations and values are conducive to success in a role or within different organisations and environments.

A person’s character, values and motivational alignment with the organisation are essential for effective performance, job satisfaction and engagement.

Tools we use

Helix, SHL, Genos International, HPI, wave

Cognitive Abilities Assessments

Cognitive ability is another term for intelligence, problem solving capacity or reasoning ability. Technically, cognitive ability refers to the ability to process information, encompassing its acquisition, organisation, retention, and application.

People who score well on cognitive ability tests use their high-level information processing skills to solve job related problems more effectively, and to learn the job more quickly. As a result, people with strong scores on cognitive ability tests tend to perform better on the job and in training. Research clearly shows that cognitive ability is one of the strongest predictors of subsequent job performance.

Cognitive ability becomes more important as a predictor of job performance as the complexity of the job increases. Cognitive ability is especially important in jobs that require people to process large amounts of information, such as complex technical jobs and managerial roles. Cognitive ability is also very important in jobs that involve a great deal of training, such as apprentice and graduate roles.

We can provide

  • Abstract Reasoning

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Numerical Reasoning

  • Mechanical Reasoning

  • Error Checking

  • Spatial Reasoning

  • Diagrammatic Reasoning

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Calculation

Tools we use

SHL Pearson, TalentQ, Saville Assessment
Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Distinct from personality, emotional intelligence can be considered as an employee’s ability to recognise emotions in others, manage their own emotions, understand the impact their emotions have on others, and to use emotions effectively when making decisions.

The benefits of emotionally intelligent employees have been demonstrated to include:

  • Greater employee well-being, life satisfaction, and job performance

  • A positive relationship with transformational leadership and higher employee engagement

  • Increased job satisfaction and organisational commitment

  • Increased sales performance by higher EI employees

With clear benefits from having an emotionally intelligent workplace CMPI employs a range of solutions and interventions to help you get there.

Tools we use

Genos International

Safety Assessments

Contemporary psychological research indicates that an individual’s likelihood of injuring themselves or causing an incident in the workplace is highly correlated with their attitude towards risk taking, personal responsibility for safety, stress management, drugs and violence.

Safety psychometric assessments are predominantly used for two main purposes, selection and development. When used for selection, safety assessments are a time and cost effective method for identifying individuals who are significantly more at risk to be injured or involved in an incident while at work.

Tools we use

  • Revelian Work Safety Assessment (RWSA)

  • Situational Safety Awareness Inventory (SSAI)

How we can help.

Team up with our human and organisation behaviour experts. We know the science of people at work and we're here to help individuals, teams and organisations unleash potential.

  • Provide you with expert analysis to help you make smart business decisions

  • Help you design and deliver remarkable recruitment, assessment and development programs

  • Provide training and consulting to help you run high-performing teams and organisations

  • Support your people through career transitions

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