What we do.

Facilitating behavioural change, not just knowledge acquisition

Our specialists understand the drivers behind human behaviour, and how to affect behavioural change. We actively involve, stretch, challenge, enrich and support participants and translate our expert knowledge into behavioural change.

Our programs facilitate behavioural change, improve business performance and achieve practical business outcomes by:

  • Facilitating individual self-awareness around knowledge or capability gaps

  • Creating a motivation to change

  • Providing opportunities to acquire and apply new knowledge or skills

  • Facilitating transfer of skills on the job

  • Incorporating multiple touch points over time to facilitate change and

  • Fostering accountability for change

How we do it.

learning and development methodology

Opportunities for review and reflective practice to cement learning, and receive feedback.

Use of behavioural assessments to raise individual self-awareness and insight, and create impetus for change and development.

Provision of formalised knowledge or skill training, supported by opportunities to apply skills in a learning environment with real time feedback.

Structured approach to the application of knowledge and skills ‘on the job’, supported by a formalised learning action plan.

How we can help.

Team up with our human and organisation behaviour experts. We know the science of people at work and we're here to help individuals, teams and organisations unleash potential.

  • Provide you with expert analysis to help you make smart business decisions

  • Help you design and deliver remarkable recruitment, assessment and development programs

  • Provide training and consulting to help you run high-performing teams and organisations

  • Support your people through career transitions

Why use Chandler Macleod People Insights?


Based on science, our tools are well validated and researched.


Backed with support and advice from a team of registered psychologists.


Vendor Neutral
We build solutions that represent the interests of our clients. We have no allegiance towards different psychometric tools.


On-demand integrated platform
Gateway unifies 200+ tools giving you many different insights from one simple interface.

outplacement programs

Let’s get started.

With Chandler Macleod People Insights, you’ve got a great partner and technology platform that works for you. Your employees will thank you.

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