Preparing for Restructure

Our experienced career coaches and change specialists are here to support you in your support of others and the business throughout the entire restructure process:

  • Pre-restructure (i.e. the planning) and 

  • During restructure (i.e. the actual conversations)

  • Re-engaging employees after restructure. 

We provide tailored support to clients we partner with which takes into account their specific needs and circumstances. Support could include:

  • Change and project management planning, 

  • announcement and consultation process planning, 

  • presentation and consultation script development

  • Difficult conversations training 

  • post-restructure support planning

Planning and Support for Announcement Day and the  Consultation Process

Taking the time to properly plan for announcements, consultations and town halls can have a significant positive impact on the quality of the communication delivered to individuals, teams and organisations at this time.

Proper planning and care maximises the likelihood that people feel will feel that they are being treated with respect, care and dignity which can in turn impact their overall wellbeing and how they navigate changes as a result of a restructure.

Our experienced career coaches and change specialists are well versed in providing meaningful and impactful support on announcement day and throughout the consultation process. The importance of taking the time to carefully consider the practicalities and logistics of these should not be underestimated.  

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Career Transition & Outplacement Programs

Our programs are designed to assist you to navigate your career transition and to maximise the success of your next career move.

Our experienced career coaches and consultants work with you one on one to focus on your individual goals as well as providing the support and guidance necessary for you to overcome barriers and achieve your career move.

Support is tailored to each individual but can include practical assistance and professional expertise around:

  • Navigating a career transition and coping with change

  • Uncovering and searching for job opportunities

  • Resume development

  • Career pathways

  • LinkedIn and networking guidance

  • Negotiation

Career Transition & Outplacement Products

In addition to providing face to face and virtual career transition and outplacement programs, Chandler Macleod offer a variety of products and online offerings designed to support employees throughout their career transition.

Our online offerings are designed and developed by registered psychologists and career coaches and are designed for digitally savvy participants who are seeking career transition option they can complete anytime, anywhere.

A fully scalable and flexible service, this wholly digital offering can be delivered to up to 5, 000* participants within 24 hours.

For more information about our Volume Career Transition & Outplacement Products & Online Offerings please contact our Career & Change team via career&

Career Transitional Products

Package 1

  • Access to Career Gateway (12 months).

  • Career Gateway houses a variety of resources that will assist individuals in navigating their career transition journey.

  • They can work through the different areas at their own pace, focusing on areas they feel will be most beneficial to them.

Package 2

  • Access to Career Gateway (12 months).

  • Personality Assessment & Career Guidance Report.

  • 2 Career Webinars (e.g. Career Guidance Report debrief, Networking, Interview Skills).

Package 3

  • Access to Career Gateway (12 months).

  • Personality Assessment & Career Guidance Report.

  • 2 Career Webinars (e.g. Career Guidance Report debrief, Networking, Interview Skills).

  • 1 Career Coaching session.

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The Retained: Reengaging Employees After Restructure and Post Restructure Support

Working and operating during a global pandemic is presenting significant challenges for individuals and organisations alike. Many organisations have found themselves reviewing the ways in which they can stay competitive (or at least afloat) at this time and finding unique and novel ways in which to adapt and thrive (or at least survive).

The financial impact of Covid-19 has meant that for some organisations to survive, restructures have become necessary. This is a difficult undertaking for many leaders and, understandably, we often find that the primary focus and effort is placed on the first two stages of the restructure process:

  • Pre-restructure (i.e. the planning) and

  • During restructure (i.e. the actual conversations).

Less thought is given to the third stage of restructure; re-engaging employees after restructure.

However, reengaging employees after restructure is an incredibly important component of the restructure process and contributes positively to individual and team wellbeing and overall workplace culture.

Taking the time to regain the trust of your employees and winning both their hearts and minds may help circumnavigate some of the organisational health effects and risks associated with restructure; increases in absenteeism, presenteeism and unintended turnover along with decreases in commitment, confidence, productivity, engagement, reputation and attractiveness as an “employer of choice”.

So how do you reengage employees after restructure? By taking the time to regain their trust and win their hearts and minds. How can you start today? Here are five evidence-based steps outlined.

For more information about how we can support you and your employees pre, during and post restructure please contact our Career & Change team via career&

The Allies

Restructuring a business is a significant undertaking for any organisation. Everyone is affected, including clients, customers and other third party stakeholders who have developed relationships with your people. Whilst not often considered, they too may feel a sense of loss and uncertainty wondering who they need to talk to , who they should approach and where to go if they need help.

Taking the time to consider your communication strategy and messaging to your allies will allow you provide continuity of service and ensure these valuable relationships are maintained and reinforced during this time of change and uncertainty. We will guide you to develop a specific strategy to strengthen your relationship with your allies at this time and minimise ambiguity and uncertainty for them during the change.

For more information about how we can support you and your allies during restructure please contact our Career & Change team via career&

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Executive, Leader & HR Support During & Post Restructure

Leading an organisation and your employees through a restructure can be a difficult task involving significant emotional labour.

Chandler Macleod’s experienced consultants are well versed in working alongside the leaders and executives who are tasked with delivering difficult decisions and messages to employees they genuinely care for, and in many cases, know so much about.

We take a proactive approach to supporting executives, leaders and HR professionals during this time and offer a variety of services that can help you and other leaders effectively navigate the change and support your people:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Leader/Manager Coaching

  • Post Restructure Debriefing

  • FAQ sessions/webinars

  • Effective Restructure & Consultation Conversations Training

  • Supporting Your Teams Through restructure workshops

  • Resilient Leader Workshops

For more information about how we can support you and your employees pre, during and post restructure please contact our Career & Change team via career&

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Our Coaches

Whether you need to redeploy, retrain or transition, we are here to help.

Locations & Support

Each person’s career transition journey is likely to be unique to them. No story is the same, no experience is exactly the same and the career goals and support required differs from person to person. However, a typical career transition journey with Chandler Macleod  will look like this: 

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Level 15, 108 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA


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