We are the people experts.

Assessment is at the core of everything we do. Chandler Macleod People Insights combines the power of psychometric assessment and organisational diagnostics to unleash the potential of individuals, teams, and organisations.

Knowing whether you have the right people for the job, have the right culture and whether everything combines to produce engaged employees and satisfied customers is key to organisational success. Our core purpose and mission is to empower people to live their best work lives.

Designed and supported by business psychologists, our Gateway platform gives you the power of insight to hire with confidence, develop with focus and unleash the potential of your employee experience.


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How we help.

Team up with our human and organisation behaviour experts. We know the science of people at work and we're here to help individuals, teams and organisations unleash potential.

  • Provide you with expert analysis to help you make smart business decisions

  • Help you design and deliver remarkable recruitment, assessment and development programs

  • Provide training and consulting to help you run high-performing teams and organisations

  • Support your people through career transitions

Why use Chandler Macleod People Insights?


Based on science, our tools are well validated and researched.


Backed with support and advice from a team of registered psychologists.


Vendor Neutral
We build solutions that represent the interests of our clients. We have no allegiance towards different psychometric tools.


On-demand integrated platform
Gateway unifies 200+ tools giving you many different insights from one simple interface.

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Let’s get started.

With Chandler Macleod People Insights, you’ve got a great partner and technology platform that works for you. Your employees will thank you.

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