Tailoring Recruitment Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Chandler Macleod are specialists in providing temporary and contract recruitment. In fact, close to 80% of our business is focused on doing just that. We currently have around 20,000 temp and contract employees out at our client sites at any given time.

Our experience in Industrial Relations combined with our proven ability to manage workforces of all sizes, makes Chandler Macleod’s temp and contract employment solutions the perfect partner to your business.

Our approach provides clients with flexibility to change the size and shape of their workforce quickly and painlessly as your business requires it or your market demands it.

Max Term

In times of uncertainty, we need innovation to attract and retain the very best talent.

To address this, Chandler Macleod offers Max Term, an employment solution that offers our clients flexible contractor engagement yet provides the employee with the stability and benefits of being a permanent employee. It’s hard to know when it’s the right time to hire permanent staff, so this solution offers the best of both worlds.

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In this service we hire a candidate as one of our employees for a contracted length of time to you, based on your needs, rather than you engaging them either as a casual employee or as a permanent employee during a dynamic economic outlook.

The employee receives all the benefits of a permanent employee, such as annual leave and increased security in their job, but none of the risk and associated cost you would normally allocate when you hire them directly. Attract a higher calibre of candidate. Those who are attracted to stable employment over temporary work. Max Term Employment contracts meet all regulatory requirements and remove any industrial relations risk of categorizing a casual employee as permanent.

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