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Chandler Macleod Manufacturing & Supply Chain puts your business in the driver's seat when sourcing outstanding temporary, contract and permanent roles across the sector. Whether your business requires drivers of any class or experience, staff for a freight yard or warehouse, or transport and logistics supervisors and managers, our experience of more than 60 years' will keep your business moving.

At Chandler Macleod, we have Manufacturing and Supply Chain specialists in every state, many of whom have worked in the industry themselves. Our specialists understand the nature of the business in detail, including all the complexities of licensing and extra ticketing, and how these vary across states. Chandler Macleod's Manufacturing & Supply Chain business also incorporates a specialist Rail team, with more than 45 years' combined experience focusing on the unique recruitment challenges presented by this sector.

We recruit the full range of Manufacturing & Supply Chain professions including:

  • Transport, Warehouse and Logistics

  • Forklift Operators

  • Storepersons

  • Container Unloaders (includes Box Rates)

  • Receipt and Dispatch Clerks

  • Pickers/Packers

  • Offsiders

  • Dock Hands

  • Inventory Controllers

  • Managers / Supervisors

  • Delivery Drivers

  • HC Drivers

  • MC Drivers

  • HR Drivers

  • B-Double, B-Triple and Linehaul Drivers

Partnering with you in the challenges ahead

We understand the challenges that the Manufacturing & Supply Chain industry faces, as an expanding industry with an ageing workforce, it can be a challenge to entice younger workers. With manufacturing in Australia increasingly going offshore, this only increases the current pressures, with more goods requiring warehousing and transportation over longer distances.

Chandler Macleod uses available resources to help you build for the future, whether this is in the areas of training, making the industry more attractive to new entrants, or encouraging career progression from blue-collar to supervisory and management roles.

We have a proven track record in outstanding safety initiatives for the Manufacturing & Supply Chain sector. Chandler Macleod partners with our clients to ensure enhanced workplace safety through a number of assessment and management services. We are very conscious of the issues surrounding fatigue management, and work to ensure consistency in meeting industry standards, even when clients require staff, as they often do, in a hurry.

Contact our specialist recruiters about your staffing requirements today.

BestFit™people, every time

We use an assortment of innovative appraisal tools, evaluations and methodologies to make sure that the candidates we choose are BestFit™ candidates, from both a technical and behavioural point of view. This approach is applied for both permanent and temporary positions for your team.

Our aim is to find a candidate who is the BestFit™ for the role and the business at large, thereby enhancing not only the performance levels, but also the standard level of performance seen throughout the organisation. This will help improve engagement and efficiency while reducing costs associated with high turnovers and below average performance.

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