Understanding Employee Experience

Whether a small organisation or a large multi-national, every organisation is unique, but inherent in each is an employee’s lived experience that either drives or hinders employee and organisational performance.

Our research backed surveys assist us to partner with you in driving improved employee experiences and organisational outcomes. Our approach to understanding your employee’s experience at work is underpinned by our validated measures:

  • CMPI’s Strategic Culture Survey

  • CMPI’s Employee Engagement + Drivers Survey

Delivered within CMPI’s ‘Survey Gateway’ we work with you to deliver an integrated survey which measures multiple aspects of your employee’s experience. We support this with:

  • Customisable employee and organisational demographics

  • ‘On Demand’ automated survey outputs

  • Year on year reporting and benchmarking

  • Deep dive statistical modelling to highlight what makes your organisation unique – and what really drives performance

Our powerful employee experience surveys deliver quick, targeted and comprehensive tools.

  • Culture

  • Engagement

  • Climate

  • Leadership culture and values 360

  • Exit feedback

  • Core Leadership 360

  • Multi-rater feedback

  • Build your own custom surveys

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How we can help.

Team up with our human and organisation behaviour experts. We know the science of people at work and we're here to help individuals, teams and organisations unleash potential.

  • Provide you with expert analysis to help you make smart business decisions

  • Help you design and deliver remarkable recruitment, assessment and development programs

  • Provide training and consulting to help you run high-performing teams and organisations

  • Support your people through career transitions

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