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If there is a single thread running through the narratives on the future of work, it is that we are moving away from the mechanistic, industrial models of the past to a more fluid, human, and digital future in which our organizations, people, and work organically adapt in real time - and one with an ever-expanding portfolio of stakeholders, workforces, work options, workplaces, and strategic futures that can no longer be categorized into simple boxes.

The world of work is simply changing too quickly for internal teams to stay on top of everything or to go through review processes again and again, each time a new technology emerges, the markets shift, or new opportunities emerge. We focus on a Talent Advisory and Program Maturity approach that always see our clients one step ahead of the game

Flexibility and agility are needed now more than ever, if anything has shown the need for greater agility, it has been the COVID 19 pandemic. Up-skilling and retaining current workforces and moving to a flexible ‘Total Talent Management’ model operationally is key to any company’s survival.

Total Talent Management - Total Talent Acquisition

Total Talent Management - Refers to an employer’s practice of routinely considering their Total Talent options when it comes to talent acquisition and in adopting a flexible and holistic approach to staffing their company’s business outcomes. For example, when there is a job to fill, an employer that practices Total Talent Management, will consider various options such as hiring a full-time employee, a fixed term, part-time, temporary or statement of work employee (SOW) or alternatively and more often now using AI (Artificial Intelligence)/ automated process to fulfil scheduled work.

‘The traditional view that permanent talent is the responsibility of HR whilst Procurement oversee temporary and flexible talent options, is failing Australian companies.’

Total Talent Acquisition – An employer that practices a Total Talent Acquisition approach refers to a company whose talent acquisition function, treats the attraction and engagement of all - ALL - potential employee types (not just full-time employees) with equal attention and focus.

A company’s ability to attract non-permanent talent to their talent pipelines and to understand how to create user experiences that to grow, engage and maintain, segmented talent communities, is essential to employing a Total Talent Acquisition strategy. Total Talent Solutions will work to engage talent who are ready to work for your brand, when you need them.

In 2022 developing a Total Talent Acquisition approach, whether alone or with the support and guidance of an outsourcing partner is becoming a priority, not an option.

Total Talent Acquisition and your Employer Brand:

Becoming an employer of choice, attracting engaging and retaining staff of all types displaying a congruent approach that values them and their experiences with you, equally. Improving the power of your overall brand the ability to attract talent, be endorsed by existing employees and be considered as an authentic value driven organisation that wishes its culture and values to extend to all employees and customers.

Total Talent Management - Cost Savings

Streamlining operational costs, optimising the supply and demand of talent, standardising operations, reducing cost on permanent and SOW workers, and achieving economy of scale.

Total Talent Management - Performance Productivity

Importing skills and knowledge as required and constantly having access to top-tier talent. Bolstering financial and business performance by having the right human capital in place, at the right time and scaling back again when it is not required but ensuring that the candidate experience is such that excellent talent will return to you when needed and stay engaged with your brand.

Total Talent Management – Strategic workforce planning.

Allowing holistic visibility over the entire workforce allowing you to understand and avoid pitfalls such as skills shortages and short-term workforce planning but instead aligning your Talent model and flexible workforce with your business goals, allowing you the foresight to make data driven decision making and cost-effective hiring plans.

Total Talent Management remains an operational aspiration for most companies in 2022.

RGF Staffing APEJ clients represent a broad cross-section of the Australian, Public & Private sectors. Our clients are increasingly seeking support and advice on how to transform their workforce management to a total talent approach.

  • Existing employees, now more than ever, are every company’s greatest strategic asset. As the digital revolution radically changes the business environment, retention and the re-skilling of internal talent is a key challenge faced by most companies in Australia. In addition to these challenges, business leaders are also, fast realising the tangible financial impact of rising talent acquisition costs, increasing skills shortages, lengthening time to fill open roles and the and the difficulty in maintaining an effective and competitive employer brand.

  • Reduced access to quality talent is causing tangible stress to businesses and their hiring managers. This stress is set to worsen for companies who do not review and update the design of their current talent sourcing and attraction practices.

  • The ability to compete for non-permanent talent and utilising flexible workforce options, has never been more important. 

  • The need to align flexible and scalable talent model strategy with business goals and growth planning, has led to a prioritisation of a Total Talent Management approach.

Are you considering an outsourced program? We offer every client a free diagnostic process which will help you to realise which solution is right for you and to help you to develop your internal business case for change.

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Total Talent Programs are not as simple as sticking RPO and MSP services together



XPO Talent Solutions, Total Talent Models can help you to approach the market with a clear and congruent voice and ALL candidate types, whether hired or not, can be guaranteed the same excellent experience.

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