XPO Talent Solutions  - Project  Recruitment (RPO) 

Australian business leaders now expect much more than the traditional benefits of an RPO and XPO Talent Solutions meet and exceed those expectations.

Traditional Benefits of RPO  programs

  • Cost efficiencies 

  • Time to hire reduction

  • Candidate quality improvement

  • Dedicated talent pipelines

  • Reduction in turnover

  • Improved candidate experience

  • Introduction and access to new integrated technologies

  • Visibility and reporting

  • Scalability

  • Process improvement

  • Assessment design & hiring manager support 

Added value now expected from RPO programs

Talent Marketing

  • EVP (Employee Value Proposition)design & USP strategy.

  • Digital & social media strategy - content creation.

  • Digital marketing - spend management.

  • Creative material generation, employee accolades, realistic job profile videos.

  • Creation and growth of segmented talent communities and targeted communication design.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) throughout your digital presence

  • Reputational protection and Employer Brand Improvement

Talent Advisory Partnerships

  • Continuous improvement & program maturity strategies

  • Holistic workforce planning support 

  • Hybrid delivery/using perm candidate pipelines for temporary roles


  • Introduction ofAI (Artificial Intelligence)& Automation

  • Seamless candidate user experience – balanced technological and personal interaction.

  • Better insights, reporting tools & analytics

  • Best Practice & hyper personalized solution design.

  • Internal referral scheme management.

Project Recruitment -- Solution design & technology

Talent Model Diagnostic

Employer Brand & Candidate User Experience Assessment

Talent Marketing


Candidate Sourcing

Diversity & Inclusion

ProjectRPO –Case Study

CB&I Kentz Joint Venture (CKJV)

85% of screened candidates were successful at interview stage due to the effectiveness of online safety & cognitive testing coupled with candidate ranking on industry experience & skill sets


  • CKJV sought to implement a Recruitment Support Project to enable the recruitment and mobilization of high-quality candidates for specialised, skill-short roles to enable a rapid project ramp-up to a peak workforce of 4,500. 

  • The aim for CKJV was to secure a significant recruitment partner who can support and manage ongoing permanent and contingent (as required) recruitment needs, including sourcing, short-listing, safety assessments, pre-employment checks, and reference checking. 

  • Recruitment requirements spanned 75 role categories and 950 classifications (blue and white collar). 


  • Our client required the rapid implementation of application, screening and assessment systems that delivered improved efficiency,quality,and speed of hiring to meet construction peaks for the project. 

  • Our solution involved a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model in capital city and regional locations across Australia where dedicated teams of blue- and white-collar recruitment specialists were responsible for creating a pool of interview-ready candidates, managing the call center, reference checking candidates once selection complete and providing advice for local, interstate,and international candidates. 

XPO Talent Solutions: 

  • To successfully execute this implementation, we designed an appropriate workforce planning framework.- skills shortages and potential sourcing issues in specific job categories were managed through workforce planning tools and analytics. 

  • Customized a Recruitment Management System - to process a high volume of candidates through a multi-stage online application and screening process, incorporating a client mandated registration process. 

  • Designed psychometric assessments – through our HR Consulting arm CMPI categorizing individuals based on skills, experience, cognitive ability, attitude, and safety aptitude according to each different job category. 

  • Created a bespoke sourcing strategy – our in-house marketing team conducted target market profiling, designed creative themes and a media mix to appeal to the target market (both active and passive candidates). 

  • Our primary recruitment support task was managing a 3rd party verification process (ERMS), which involved candidates completing a 16-page work history document, XPO Talent Solutions checked this document, and using it to complete a minimum of two reference checks before submittingit to CKJV for approval.

Systems and Technology 

  • In line with our client’s requirements,XPO Talent Solutions implemented and integrated an ‘enterprise’ online recruitment management system. 

  • Developed a full reporting suite covering pipeline and candidates in progress through to mobilisation dates, delivering them with a ‘single source of truth’ for recruitment effort. 

  • CKJV had used at least three different systems prior to their uptake of our bespoke technology ecosystem.They needed an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that could be engineered to address all their reporting requirements.Our solution was the ideal solution for them due to its highly configurable design and its reporting capability. 

  • It was more cost effective and faster to partner with us for the build, as NGA.net could not deliver to their time frames. We built a customised workflow that delivered an elevated level of transparency at each stage of the recruitment process,from application through to mobilisation, inclusive of automated screening and online assessment. 

  • The implementation process was a partnered approach between CKJV, XPO Talent Solutions and the software provider. 

  • We held an intensive diagnostic workshop which was designed to extract all the requirements for both the white and blue-collar teams, as they each have a separate workflow. 

  • We were then able to develop a business requirements document, with full scope of design and time frames for delivery, which all stakeholders had to review, and sign off on. 

  • We then moved to the building of the APM/workflow, followed by two rounds of User Acceptance Training (UAT) as per CKJV’s request. 

  • Once the UAT was completed and acceptance signed off, we were able to go live and began data migration from the existing system to the new system.


  • Increase in hiring rate to an average of 160 employees per week by replacing CKJV’s paper-based processing systems and non-searchable database with the bespoke technology ecosystem that we designed and built.

  • 5,320 candidates processed, leading to 1,000 hires within the first two weeks (32 per day), and 34,000 candidates processed in the first three months 

  • 85% of screened candidates were successful at interview stage due to the effectiveness of online safety & cognitive testing coupled with candidate ranking on industry experience & skill sets 

  • ATS was reconfigured and further customised to achieve optimal performance 

  • Daily problem solving with CKJV’s recruitment team and ongoing support of their training,mobilisation,and travel teams 

  • Answered and returned over 42,000 candidates calls and emails via a dedicated 1800 number and email inbox 

  • 115,284 safety and cognitive assessments completed 

  • Completed more than 1,500 Staff (white collar) reference checks 

  • Completed more than 19,000 Craft (blue collar) reference checks 

  • Successful marketing campaign which saw 60,000+ hits in the first 4 months, 9,000 hits on the launch, an average of 2,000 hits daily post-launch and generated ~1,000 applications daily.

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