With solar farms emerging in Australia, the demand for skilled workers is high. As the solar industry is male-dominated, Chandler Macleod was approached by the large-scale solar energy company, Beon Energy Solutions, to create the first ‘Women in Solar’ program. This 4-week program aimed to increase the participation of women in the solar industry by connecting with local communities to gain a diversified workforce. 

Our Solutions:

  • Creating a solar program that aimed to increase the participation of women involved in the male-dominated solar industry.

  • Providing learning resources, such as TAFE, to supply accredited and non-accredited courses to all our participants, including our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates.

  • To balance the level of diversity between the participants.

  • Maximizing our recruitment of the local community through targeted employment strategies and training programs.

Key Outcomes:

  • Microsite dedicated to enhancing employment streams for new and existing candidates

  • Targeted advertising through the Chandler Macleod Blog and Microsite.

  • Local sourcing strategies, including community engagement.

  • The first graduating class of the ‘Women in Solar’ program includes 12 females; 3 of whom identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, 5 who were long-time unemployed and 3 single parents.

  • All successful participants have been offered ongoing roles with Beon on their Wagga NSW Solar Farm.

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