In early 2019 Chandler Macleod partnered with a major aviation body to manage a bulk recruitment process across all roles and levels, with the intention to establish a merit pool of 200 suitable candidates.

The client had not completed a significant volume recruitment drive before and were seeking a recruitment partner that could facilitate large numbers of applications, provide nationwide assessment services and work with tight time-frames to identify talent across all role levels within the eight business areas.

Our Solutions

Chandler Macleod’s volume and project recruitment team worked closely with the client to ensure that suitable talent could be identified to fill currently available roles, as well as to develop a 12-month merit pool for each of the eight business areas.

Bespoke application forms for each business area and role level were created, including selection criteria questions. Sourcing strategies managed by Chandler Macleod resulted in very strong outcomes, with three times as many applications being received than expected from internal and external candidates. This required the development of work sample assessments to provide an additional assessment stage to assist with facilitating an equitable and merit-based process.

The Chandler Macleod team also needed to demonstrate the flexibility and swiftness to deal with greater application numbers and assessment processes varying across business areas and role levels. With a goal to start filling positions as soon as possible, Chandler Macleod worked efficiently with the client to ensure timely closure of each job/role requisition.


Key Outcomes

Through the bulk recruitment process Chandler Macleod delivered:

The outcome of these processes has resulted in bolstering all business areas. Furthermore, project review meetings indicated the internal recruitment team were satisfied with the process, and the merit pools across all areas and levels.

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