Chandler Macleod are recognised as a supplier of strategic importance with this major transport client and our relationship is as strong as ever. We continue to offer a range of staffing solutions as a contracted tier 1 BCCL supplier, and a White Collar temp staffing provider.

Our Solutions

  • Track infrastructure and worksite protection teams are deployed in an emergency or ad-hoc basis, or on major projects in either a “possession” / shut down environment anywhere across the NSW Metropolitan Rail Area, reaching from East Sydney and CBD, west to Lithgow, North to Newcastle, and South of Wollongong.

  • Track teams work on a range of maintenance projects including re-railing, re-sleepering, turnout renewals, ballast cleaning, cable hauling, civil works, OHW and structures maintenance.

  • Worksite protection officers provide all employees and subcontractors with safe access and egress within the rail corridor. This specialised workforce provides track infrastructure isolations to enable safe working maintenance and construction work activity in a live rail environment.

  • The client's Fleet Maintenance team works on significant rollingstock fleet upgrades, across currently operational running trains including C, K, V, Oscar, Tangara sets etc. 

  • Safety, Compliance and Risk Management all key elements of our service delivery KPIs, as is Order Fulfilment, Training, and Talent Pool Management 

  • Order requisitions are delivered through Ariba, and payments received via RCTI system in place for 18 years.

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Key Outcomes

  • Highly project based work, so our numbers vary considerably based on planned maintenance windows across the calendar year. Peak workforce of 160 track workers, protection officers, fleet maintenance trades and white collar contractors payrolled in any given week.

  • Roles filled by Chandler Macleod include fettlers, construction workers, gangers, team leaders, supervisors, riggers, plant operators, cable haulers, truck drivers, carpenters, trade assistants, storepersons, rail maintainers, mechanical fitters, electrical fitters, electricians, boilermakers, welders, painters, protection officers, hand signallers, traffic officers, plant spotters, project administrators, project engineers, project managers, contract managers, and senior executives.

  • For the past 36 months rolling, our rail services team have reported a 100% service level KPI achievement across all 3 separate service contracts.

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